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  1. It will be offered in the MFS store directly in the game?
  2. So, it's the second time that i open a topic about this... I don't receive any concrete answer, the vspeed's aren't too low? like i took off with 176 tons and rotate at 129? its like the same speed if i took of with 233 tons?????? and look those prints i rotate on after 157 knots and the v2 is below of minimum operatinal speed, like how can i take off with that v2 and vr? Any calculation program that i can use? i don't trust in AS autocalculation more, and in fact on my other topic i already pin an oficial FCOM of lufthansa with general vspeeds to a330 on airport of 0ft to 3000ft of altitude and 3750 meters off rwy, this generals vpeeds is best then the auto calculation of the own creator, emjoyng the cue the fuel calculation of fuel planner is erroneous too
  3. So i agree 100% with u, the vspeeds aren't constants, there are thousand of variables that influence's on the v1,vr,v2. Let's speak only of flaps 1+f, this table could seems a bit low for the results of FlySmart, but the original speeds>fcom that I found>FlySmart. Certainly we can't say what calculation is wrong, but seems to me that our researchs is more efficiently that aerosoft data base's
  4. Yes, this is a general data bases, and this one is based on 1+f
  5. So, many users are telling your team that the aircraft rotates too low... i takeoff again with 190.2 tons complaining with this fcom, my vspeed 149 154 162, my rotate wasn't late the aircraft response normaly like ever other airbus i've fly in my life the metar was, 320/16, 30,60in, -1 degree in a runway at 13 feet Only to complete this is an lutfhansa fcom, the link of the excel is: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/49658-a330-flex-temp-calculator-xlsx/ (yes it is in the xplane forum, but isn't related direct to the xplane, taking in count that is take of oficial fcom)
  6. Hey, so i was doing some researchs into the web founding some fcom's, and noticed (if i read correct and interpret correct) that the v speeds, even full loaded, was too low, like... i was taking off yesterday with 190.2 tons, and a vr o 128, i have xplane 11 and jar designs a330 i did the same takeoff to compare and my v1 starts at 135 knots, my vr 142, my v2 145, and i noticed that the vspeeds of jar was too close of the fcom's i found
  7. Hey, at almost all flights I have done in the bird, i noticed that the calculation of predicted EFOB was uncertain... How? It isn't like 100kg nor 500kg, it's like on climb phase the predicted was like 2.0 tons (in sim brief it's like 9 tons) the calculation of fuel in the way point was totally wrong passing with 25 tons of fuel ( in fmgs calculated to cross the wp was 17 tons), i have noticed too the perf page don't show distance to reach the crz alt, and the metar page only print the weather for de departure airport, even if you slect other 4 airports, by now was that regards
  8. How does it works? or it isn't work 100%, always the same speed and flex temp, doesn't show the flaps too, and yes, I tested with multiple TOW
  9. Azul airlines "bandeirao": https://www.aeroin.net/azul-proxima-de-concluir-a-reconfiguracao-dos-a330/ Azul airlines "Tudo Azul":http://www.uz7spotting.com.br/2018/05/mais-a330-da-azul-em-belem-tudo-azul.html
  10. So, in the airbus when we are at cockpit preparation setting the mcp, when we set the altitude should be (after 10k feet, if i dont missing) appearing at mcp "CLB" instead "crz alt" and when we start the decent should appear at pfd a "decelerate"message
  11. So, it's a beautifull modeling, but isn't a little bit darker that should be?
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