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  1. Yes, the profiles "PMDG_747QOTSII_Yoke and _Throttle" displayed after I had loaded them. I 'Activate[d] Current Profile' in each case. Then I loaded P3D, loaded a PMDG 747 and the profiles do not function as configured. When I did this initially after acquiring the hardware and before I shifted all my P3D program files to the new SSD this was a much more straightforward process. So I'm still at an impasse.
  2. Yes, I did. What I should have wrote previously was "I initially activated PMDG." My apologies. But all that displays under Add-Ons in the drop-down menu in P3D are references to the default throttle and yoke and not the QOTSII entries.
  3. After filling up my primary SSD I moved some things to a second SSD including P3D. I had to reinstall QOTSII and the -8 and reinstalled the Configurator as well. I initially activated P3D and pushed the default profiles to it instead of loading the downloaded QOTSII yoke and throttles too. Once I realized the step I had skipped I loaded both the QOTSII yoke and throttle profiles and attempted to activate them individually but never got a positive response and when I look in the Add-Ons drop-down menu in P3D all I see is entries for the default yoke and throttle. What m I missing? Thanks in advance.
  4. We have a winner! I suppose the cord was not properly seated. All switches, buttons and the hat switch work properly apart from the aforementioned "L," "BOTH" and "START" on the ignition switch. Definitely making progress! Thank you for the suggestion Herman!
  5. That is correct, Ben, precisely as you say. The buttons and switches on the yoke do not work and are not even "seen" by the system. I just re-downloaded the QOTSII mapping, activated it within P3Dv5, and selected "show mapping" while testing the yoke. The panel switches work and show their mapping across the top in the green band; none of the buttons or switches on the yoke itself do. Opening the control menu and selecting Calibrate | Game Controllers | Alpha Flight Controls | Properties and exercising the various buttons, switches and hat switch, the panel switches show their operation but none of the switches or buttons or the hat switch reflect their operation. Correction: although most of the panel switches work only the "OFF" and "R" positions on the ignition switch reflect their operation; the "L," "BOTH" and "START" do not. The only buttons that work are 13 through 32; 1 through 12 never do. As the system apparently does not even "see" them they do not. I tried it with the hat switch as well and P3D doesn't even know it exists.
  6. Well, after deleting the standard.xml and FSUIPC6.ini files and rerunning the Configuration Utility the Alpha and Bravo are both working...for the most part. Everything, levers, switches, buttons and lights, is working well on the Bravo. The axes and panel switches on the Alpha are functioning however none of the buttons on the yoke or the hat switch appear to be working. This is after disabling P3D's defaults, downloading and activating the 747 QOTSII profiles and loading them within P3D. So some more work is required on my part it seems. But thank you again for your assistance Bert!
  7. Bert, thank you so much for your time and attention. I'm at home recovering from foot surgery for the next two weeks so I will "turn to" on this and advise. Cheers, David
  8. Hi Bert! I completed my flight with my Saitek hardware. I just returned from the road and am no closer to a resolution on this issue. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  9. + Thanks for the input, Bert. I suspected that was the case. Until now I have used the Logitech yoke and quadrant and at least those do not evidence this conflict. I had them configured through FSUIPC and was under the impression that with the Alpha and Bravo all could be accomplished through the Honeycomb Configuration application. I did remove all axis assignments in both before I started. Eventually once I got this set up for the 747 I'd move on to different configurations for other aircraft but for now I'm just trying to complete a flight I bid for in GCVA. Hopefully a remedy will present itself. Regards, David Rosenblum
  10. Greetings all. As I set up my Alpha yoke and Bravo quadrant I am experiencing some issues. I have followed the YouTube tutorials, I disabled all simulator defaults and loaded the 747 QOTS profiles downloaded into P3D. Latest version of V5, latest version of the Config utility. In P3D starting with the Bravo I made sure all axis assignments were deleted and configured the speed brake, all four thrust levers and the flap lever. Thrust levers 2, 3, and 4 operate as they should but for some reason the #1 reverse lever is up and I can't get it to go down. Additionally I deleted all axis assignments on the Alpha and just started with the ailerons and elevator. They work fine on the yoke; however, when I move the speed brake lever the yoke moves through the elevator axis and when I move the #1 thrust lever the ailerons roll through their axis. I see that the axes mapped are the same (X and Y) between the yoke and quadrant but assumed that the sim knew the difference between the two input devices. Any help would be appreciated. Glad the real aircraft isn't this challenging! Regards, David Rosenblum
  11. I experience this as well. I experience this issue as well and though GSX is installed I did not use it for the push and start. Additionally: The timing of things needs a bit of attention. Specifically, when I pushed the thrust levers forward for takeoff the cabin crew chose that moment to comence their safety brief. That should occur at pushback. Tangentially related... the checklist and virtual copilot feature is highly impressive. It greatly reduces the workload and makes the simulation experience much more realistic. Thanks for that! The element of these features whereby the Captain's head and eyes move to the item in question and back is equally impressive. But sometimes it occurs at times during taxi (in the middle of a hard turn, for example) and initial climb where I would prefer to keep my head and eyes forward. Not sure what to suggest... perhaps an algorithm which recognized this and kept eyes to the front?
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