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  1. I experience this as well. I experience this issue as well and though GSX is installed I did not use it for the push and start. Additionally: The timing of things needs a bit of attention. Specifically, when I pushed the thrust levers forward for takeoff the cabin crew chose that moment to comence their safety brief. That should occur at pushback. Tangentially related... the checklist and virtual copilot feature is highly impressive. It greatly reduces the workload and makes the simulation experience much more realistic. Thanks for that! The element of these features whereby the Captain's head and eyes move to the item in question and back is equally impressive. But sometimes it occurs at times during taxi (in the middle of a hard turn, for example) and initial climb where I would prefer to keep my head and eyes forward. Not sure what to suggest... perhaps an algorithm which recognized this and kept eyes to the front?
  2. Commenced my Orlando Sanford - Zurich flight. Went fairly smoothly until I decided to look at 'Links' on the EFB and crashed to desktop at top of climb (yes, I read about that in the 'known issues' afterward and will not do it again hopefully until notified that it is resolved). The virtual copilot, when directed to set flaps 1 for takeoff, set full flaps instead and reported that flap 1 had been set, requiring manual intervention to set the flaps correctly. On initial climb, when asked to set flaps 0, the VC reported flaps 0 set but did not actually do so resulting in the flaps being over-sped until I retracted them myself. Please let me know if I can provide amplifying information. Regards, David
  3. Thank you sir! I look forward to it. It appears to be an excellent aircraft.
  4. I think I will try MCO - ZRH in the Edelweiss variant. Used to live near SFB years ago and remember them operating from there. Though I flew the 320 in real life I thought I'd refer to the step-by-step guide in Vol. 6 of the documentation. Only there isn't one... Is this document forthcoming?
  5. Perhaps an Air Hong Kong/DHL EI-HEA? Should be rather straightforward... https://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/1030996/ei-hea-air-hong-kong-airbus-a330-300f/ Thank you!
  6. Luis, This is a "front burner" item and if you look at the thread linked below you'll see that Aerosoft is diligently working on a remedy. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/143363-managed-speed-issues/ Cheers, David
  7. Glad to hear you're closing in on the prey. I've experienced this as well, in the 319 CFM model, and consistently. If a fix isn't forthcoming I will recreate the flight, generate the log file and send it along.
  8. Thanks Dave! I suspected it was something like that and will research your suggestion. I just wasn't sure which .cfg file to start with. And, to be clear, I understood it to be a problem associated with EZDok and not the fault of the aircraft model but, unfortunately, EZDok documentation is scarce and I went on the suspicion that others who used both the aircraft and EZDok may have also experienced this issue. It is why I posted it on this forum and didn't submit a support ticket to Aerosoft. I thought that someone may have had to grapple with this. Again, mahalo for the response! David
  9. Hello! I installed v3 of EZDok after upgrading to it in my installation of FSX:SE. Once I did, started the sim and selected an A320 aircraft I noted that two of the "view system" pullout choices had been "hijacked" by EZDok to display certain camera views. Struggling with how to change these wasn't proving fruitful so I removed the EZDok installation and restarted the PC. After restarting FSX:SE and reselecting the Airbus I note that the two "view system" choices are still linked to EZDok views although it is no longer installed. I'm guessing that those selections are buried in a .cfg file somewhere and am wondering what the best way is to reset them to Aerosoft's original settings without having to reinstall the aircraft. Any thoughts anyone?
  10. I just looked in the folder for the 318/319 and there was no shortcut to the Livery Manager there though the program was in the respective folder. Navigating to it, creating a shortcut, and cutting and pasting it into the respective folder fixed this.
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