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  1. Luis, This is a "front burner" item and if you look at the thread linked below you'll see that Aerosoft is diligently working on a remedy. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/143363-managed-speed-issues/ Cheers, David
  2. Glad to hear you're closing in on the prey. I've experienced this as well, in the 319 CFM model, and consistently. If a fix isn't forthcoming I will recreate the flight, generate the log file and send it along.
  3. Thanks Dave! I suspected it was something like that and will research your suggestion. I just wasn't sure which .cfg file to start with. And, to be clear, I understood it to be a problem associated with EZDok and not the fault of the aircraft model but, unfortunately, EZDok documentation is scarce and I went on the suspicion that others who used both the aircraft and EZDok may have also experienced this issue. It is why I posted it on this forum and didn't submit a support ticket to Aerosoft. I thought that someone may have had to grapple with this. Again, mahalo for the response! David
  4. Hello! I installed v3 of EZDok after upgrading to it in my installation of FSX:SE. Once I did, started the sim and selected an A320 aircraft I noted that two of the "view system" pullout choices had been "hijacked" by EZDok to display certain camera views. Struggling with how to change these wasn't proving fruitful so I removed the EZDok installation and restarted the PC. After restarting FSX:SE and reselecting the Airbus I note that the two "view system" choices are still linked to EZDok views although it is no longer installed. I'm guessing that those selections are buried in a .cfg file somewhere and am wondering what the best way is to reset them to Aerosoft's original settings without having to reinstall the aircraft. Any thoughts anyone?
  5. I just looked in the folder for the 318/319 and there was no shortcut to the Livery Manager there though the program was in the respective folder. Navigating to it, creating a shortcut, and cutting and pasting it into the respective folder fixed this.
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