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  1. As an Aussie I'm proud to say that this aircraft is the the HARS Black Cat. There is mention of it a few pages back in this forum, and if you Google 'Black Cat' with 'HARS' or 'Catalina' you'll find lots of information.

    Thanks Mathijs for including this version, yet another reason to purchase this great sim, although my favourite will be the WWII PBY-5A which my father flew in a few times during the war whilst he was in the RAAF.


    Thanks Malcom, did as you suggested and found this, which includes a You Tube clip of her flying:


  2. This image is from work in progress, keep that in mind. Still needs work on several areas, bumps, dirt maps. Right now the logo's are too bright etc. But I know there is one customer that is waiting for it. Tomorrow evening there will be 'final' shots of this Black Cat.

    I've never seen that arrangement of airliner-style circular windows on a Catalina before. Any more informaton on the real-world one ? :)

  3. Great set of screenshots, Mathijs! This really is going to be a huge success for Aerosoft and all involved.

    Is 'Calypso' the Catalina that was operated by Jaques Cousteau and in which his son died in a landing accident ? I know his research ship was named Calypso.

  4. The screenshots are from the old project and doesn´t resemble the current project at all.


    Its that old Catalina that appears in Aerosoft adverts in PC Pilot magazine in the UK. If I thought it was that one that was coming, I wouldn't be much interested, so maybe Mathijs needs to get in contact with them.

  5. Roadburner, that first picture could be a painting. If they ever wrote another book about Midway, submit it for the book cover! :)

    May I ask what weather effects add-on you are using there ?

  6. Because some other project needed some time things were not going to fast but the crew is now inserted. All needs some tweaks and as you see the texturing of the bubbles is not completed, but one of the crew found himself a nice place to get some rest.

    Project still in schedule.

    Still looking good ! I like the semi-reclining posture of the man in the bubble; just as it would be during a long patrol over the empty expanses of the Pacific. :)

  7. I currently have a Pentium IV 3.2 , 1 Gb of RAM, and a Geforce 6600. I am going to be upgrading massively in the autumn, but just for info, this old system handles the Aerosoft DHC-2 Beaver perfectly well.

  8. Finn, Nick, and beta testers, I will take your word for it.

    Please don't get too weary of our queries and comments. We only have these screenshots to go on, and if we can't compare them to the actual beta model, there is no way we can discern what looks as it will be in the final model, what is WIP, and what is misrepresented by the screenshot.

    By satisfying our hunger for screenshots, I'm afraid you create a rod for your own back, as the old British saying goes ! ;)

    Keep up the good work, gentlemen. :D

  9. Paul, please remember that this is still in Beta and I'm sure your comments will be taken into consideration. I will say that it wasn't till I paused the sim and started looking in greater detail that I even noticed the grime. I guess, as in the real world as you rightly stated, your eyes focus in the distance in the sim too. Additionally, the level of grime on these windows is not as dense as David initially portrayed on the Vulcan.

    True Nick, it is beta. But beta shots, by their very definition, provide some indication of what the release model will look like. If you were to release something, and people people didn't like certain things about it, well.. it could be argued that the objections should have been raised when we had a chance, i.e when we saw the beta shots ! ;)

    Honestly, beta or not, this Catalina is approaching perfection. It is a thing of utter beauty. Please, at least give us the option of 'no grime' if possible.

  10. Sorry, but in my opinion, this simulated grime is something which never really works.

    In a real aircraft your eyes are focused at a point way beyond the perspex and you see past the muck. In a flight sim, its at the same focal length as the rest of the sim...the monitor screen...and it gets in the way.

    Try it yourself...look at the marks or dirt on your car or house windows, then look through that glass at the sky or something distant. The grime goes out of focus and almost becomes invisible. You can't trick the eye that way on a monitor.

    Please guys, reconsider this, or at least provide a clear window option as Iris have done with their Vulcan.

  11. By the way, I love those new shots. The modern cockpit is just as I had hoped, and with regulation airliner seats in the rear for taking your ground crew with you on the airshow circuit. Plane Sailing's original Catalina was configured that way.

    Its all looking very nice indeed.

  12. Jan, you called your daughter Catalina??? If I have a daughter, should I call her Hurricane or Wellington...perhaps Jug or Fokker? ;)

    Edit: I should say that I like the name Catalina and one of my friends has a daughter of the same name.

    My middle name is Victor. My dad was only ever involved with Valiants and Vulcans, so maybe that was his way of compensating. Could have been worse though...I could have ended up as Short Sperrin.


  13. Ohhh excellent ! Would you believe the calendar I have hanging in my kitchen is one showing scenes from Antarctica ? ! The place is really fascinating.

    Aerosoft now needs to take Milton Shupe onboard, do a native FSX Dash 7 and release it in the British Antarctic Survey livery. Here she is at Duxford a couple of years ago.



  14. The latest VC shots are terrific. I don't care what the price, I will go without dinner for a week to get this plane.

    As for the cockpit grey or green discussion, I've been aboard both Catalinas operated by Plane Sailing in the UK, and if I remember correctly, I think both had mainly green cockpit interiors, possibly with black instrument panels. Mind you, such is the quality of this model, it could be pink with yellow spots and I'd still buy it.

    Keep those screenies coming, guys. They are a feast for the eyes! :)

  15. I am experimenting with the flashlight, but the lights stuff in FSX is buggy beyond believe so I doubt this ever will work out.

    Oh well, it would have been nice, but if it can't be done, then it can't be done. Thanks for giving it a try anyway, Mathijs. :)

  16. Interesting though, the only way to know the setting of the cowl flaps is to LOOK at the engines, with a flash light at night when needed.

    Mathijs, I know its probably unlikely, but is it possible to put that flashlight into the model ? I have absolutely no idea how it could be done, but on a dark squally night over New Guinea, it would be nice to check over those motors from the comfort of your dry cosy cockpit.

    Secondly, what is the possibility of having a bare metal skin for the Catalina that we can add our own markings and registration letters to, using the paint kit ? These vintage aircraft look great in a combination of bare metal and weathered paint work.

    Anyway, even if neither is possible, keep those great screenshots coming. :)

  17. Paul you are correct, but this is a Beta which means unfinished.

    Yep, sorry Nick. I'm getting pre-release tension here, such is my eager anticipation of the Cat. Over the years, its always been in my top 5 MSFS aircraft, and this Aerosoft one is the answer to my FSX prayers.

    I need to breathe deeply and keep calm. ;)

  18. I just love those night lighting panel shots. Not sure about the reflection of the handle on the overhead perspex though...what light source would be shining down onto the handle from above for it to be reflected so brightly ? Moonlight maybe ?

  19. Hi Paul K!

    I do the visual art stuff on this aircraft project. The pictures of the Aerosoft Catalina X currently shown over the net are WORK IN PROGRESS shots. They NOT display the final version, which will be a beauty on its own.

    Currently some parts are done, others not, making the shots to some patchwork collection. Normally we developers not like to show the models in this stage, so when its not complete to avoid misinterpretations .

    But we understand the desire that you want to be informed how the progress here goes. And here it is. The glass texture is a place holder now and will be adapted to its real world appearance during the finalization process.

    Thanks for that, Mr H. A comprehensive reply, and very much appreciated.

  20. Hi folks, my first post in these forums, but an existing Aerosoft customer with the excellent DHC2 for both FS9 and FSX.

    I am going to get the Catalina without any doubt: to me, its one of those essential MSFS aircraft, like the DC3, and of course the Beaver. And an Aerosoft Catalina too...excellent !

    However, those latest interior screenshots from Nick C concern me a little. Why is there a dark smudging around the edge of some of the windows ? Is that something temporary that will not be in the final release, or is it an attempt to replicate the dirt that gathers where perspex meets the metal frame ?

    If it is the latter, then I don't think it really works as it only serves to make the window edges indistinct, but I'd be interested to know please.

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