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  1. On 2/1/2023 at 7:18 PM, Mathijs Kok said:

    One of the biggest differences between our North Sea project and the Gulf project is that we need to shift way more towards structures and less to ships


    Mathijs, just thinking here. I'm one who never bought the first Northsea product, but for two reasons, firstly it did not cover much of the areas north around Norway, But more importantly, static ships are a very controversial approach. Many seems to shy away from the product due to this. Have you considered making a version/option without static ships, but maybe donate some ships to the 'Global AI Ship Traffic MSFS GAIST Ultra V3'-group and help them getting them moving, either by providing data or dialog with ASOBO/MSFS for improvements in the system. They have 172 000 downloads and are on a mission to improving ship traffic all around the globe. Being a partner/sponsor could probably help gain sales for your ocean products now and in the future from fans of GAIST?

  2. 11 hours ago, John2 said:

    The idea of not announcing a release date is to generate suspense and buzz so that by the time it is finally released everyone is so hyped up about it they immediately run out and buy it. Good marketing strategy. And, in addition, nobody really knows when it will be released!


    Maybe the idea is to not announce internal deadlines to the public, to avoid getting unhappy nagging customers and bad press when they are missed? 

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  3. 1 hour ago, swan1100 said:

    That's the thing, i am on the edge when it comes to performance for these aircraft, yet the CRJs and PMDG's products run perfectly for me. Just trying to gauge where the 330 will fit among these


    Just curious, do you also run any interior simulator and/or traffic simulator while you have performance problems with these planes? 

  4. 36 minutes ago, Himbi said:

    So how do you suggest painting a proper tail without a 3D model and Blender Paint? It's absolutely impossible to align a company logo on the vertical stabilizer and the rudder on a PSD file where those parts are somewhere in nowhere.


    Make a livery with numbered checkerboards of the area you are unsure about, watch it in MSFS, do screenshots and paint based on that knowledge...?

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  5. 23 minutes ago, Mathijs Kok said:


    I am sorry but development for FSX stopped in 2017. We gladly do that update if you would pay for it, but there are simply not enough customers. 

    Development of nearly all P3D development stopped in 2020. 


    Very understandable, as far as I know, Lockheed also stopped development for P3D. However, how are your plans towards X-Plane 12? Is it possible to streamline a process of converting MSFS projects to XP12?

  6. The CRJ is quite close to perfection. Hopefully Hartman will be able to implement further improvements after the ATR-project; I would guess that the process of working directly and for the MSFS developers will bring improvements to the platform, that also the CRJ will have benefits from.

  7. Would just like to express my sincere respect for Aerosoft. It's almost always a joy to buy products from this company. I don't 100% of the time agree on some of the pragmatism, like static ships in the North Sea, or some lack of interest to perfect aircraft systems; but overall high quality support, products and a very well run forum. Deepest respect of Mathijs Kok way of communication and overall atmosphere in the forum. That the company brings continuity to this hoppy, is also something that cannot be taken for granted. Looking forward to what Aerosoft will bring to the marked in 2023, and the continued updates of current products. Thank you.

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  8. Without answering for whether or not use any desktop flight sim stuff for training, I would highly advice against using P3D at this time/invest time and energy into it. It's a dated platform, probably without necessary resources or interest to get it up to date. Better learn how to adjust the knobs in MSFS, than stick to the past :)


    But speaking of different simulators strengths. X-plane is running FAA approved setups, and I'm actually quite impressed with XP-12. MSFS has some sincere problems in ground dynamics simulation (it's still the old FSX-friction model as far as I know), and although flying in MSFS is getting improved and feels less static with the dynamic CFD-system, very few aircraft are ported over yet (and there are still some problems, especially with rudder authority). I know quite a lot of student pilots who use X-plane for both fun and training. 

  9. I'll give the Düsseldorf to Basel tutorial flight a new try, last time, it did not work, but that was one update ago.

    Also, except for some joystick-mapping nitpicking on my part, it would be great if you could look into the issues described here, I would guess it would be easy to fix/implement: 



    Note: That pilots forgets to set correct trim or flap settings happens, so there is a good reason why these alerts are there in the real plane. A simulator pilot flying alone is probably more likely to make such mistakes. 


  10. Mathijs, I think you are not taking the issues with the CRJ seriously enough. It's got an amazing model, great EFB, wonderful audio and mostly fantastic documentation and systems. However, the aircraft is still in such a state 'bug-wise' and 'feature-wise', that it's even not possible to follow the tutorial flight (from Düsseldorf to Basel).


    Without me having an oversight, and not trying to be rude to comment on it, but it sincerely seems like you're a bit understaffed on system programming at AS to keep up with todays expectations. Even default MSFS planes are becoming quite solid in their system and autopilot modelling, the last update by Working Title is quite impressive.

  11. On 5/22/2022 at 7:18 PM, Mathijs Kok said:


    Yes. Simmers expect that, even though in many aircraft the pilots will never ever hear the flap motors.  Totally unrealistic but we learned the hard way that if a sim pilot extends the flaps they expect to get a audio feedback.  Even in an A380.  Even with noise canceling headphones simulated. 

    Thats pretty insane/absurd/stupido.

    I uninstalled the FBW a320 as the reverse-engine sound was totally unrealistic from the cockpit.

    What about an option in the EFB, to change over to realistic sound levels for the purists?

  12. Or they need more core-sim people to keep up with the progress of the 3D-modellers and texture painters?

    I think a pinned feedback-snapshot on each of the products with some road-map information like MS/Asobo does, would be very helpful in avoiding the feeling of previous products being abandoned or left 'unfinished' (whatever that means?).

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  13. Except for ORBX or Aerosoft, I buy everything from MSFS marketplace, as I have a life and MSFS is the worst configuration time thief I've ever come across, and can only hope that the ecosystem matures and let us use less time configuring, downloading and updating, and more time to fly. The marked place is a nice bid for this utopia. I would just like to add this point of view, since there are so many people just complaining about the Marked Place. Side note: I'm mostly using Apple products, so to spend so much time hacking and configuring products that should work together in the first place, is totally alien to me. 

  14. With all the new scenery development going on inside airport terminals, it would be nice with a decent 'Luggage trolley simulator' as a MSFS add-on. I guess we could use our pedals for braking, and the yoke for turning, and load could be changed trough the normal aircraft payload menu?


    Not all of us can afford or have a health situation that let us travel much these days, so why not utilise all the decent work being done on airport interiors with a proper 'Luggage trolley' add-on to bring us some realistic flight simulation?


  15. 22 minutes ago, CRJay said:

    The FCOM for the 900 lists 135kts. I have done a maintenance flight twice on our planes, after work was done on the ADG that required a flight with it deployed to note if it was within specifications, and I saw that speed confirmed within about ~1kt. 


    Nice, and is it just an on/off situation at about 135 kts, or is it something gradual that happens around then?

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