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  1. I did install the latest version but I do not see the correct terminal building, funny jetways and I see different elevations around the airport? Help appreciated. Note: Adding off to the ENVA files in ORBX Norway, FTX_EU, 05 scenery made no difference! Peter Hougardy
  2. Hi Masterhawk,

    In 2017 you created a hotfix for LSZH for P3DV4.

    Did you create such hotfix for P3DV5? Aerosoft did not.....

    I have attached some shotd in version 4 and 5.


    Your help much appreciated!


    Other question: any idea why LSZH has such a low framerate betwee 2 and 10? Is the location in the add-on or scenery list in P3DV5?


    Many thanks 🙂


    Peter Hougardy

    lszh -1.JPG

    lszh -2.JPG

    LSZH -3 V5.JPG

    LSZH -4 V5.JPG

    lszh -5 v4 hotfix.JPG

  3. Ad, Strange is that I cannot tick the SODE box in the tool - after saving its gone again..... Peter
  4. Ad, In the GSX menu all parking positions are linked to Aerosoft SODE bgl's (see attached). However gate 35 has only a half jetway? and like 36 is not listed? Thanks for your help! Peter
  5. With the installed XML ZIP file from Mathijs: no change. When I check the config tool both the Static Airplanes and SODE Airways options do not accept a tick.......?? After saving the tool, says saved, but when reopenend no ticks! Peter Hougardy
  6. I did re-download the installer and re-installed, but still Raiffeisen jetways 31 and 41 (left and right in the picture). I do have GSX 2 but not FSDT LSGG. Latest update for GSX 2 and P3DV4.5H2 installed. Other Mega sceneries are fine. No clue how to procede?? Thanks, Peter
  7. I can further add that for some reason Raiffeisen (bank) jetways are added (stand-alone) - no idea how they get added. I checked ORBX but no LSGG BGL files. I tried playing with the config tool but the Raiffeisen jetways are not removed?? Very Strange. Is it SODE? Peter Hougardy
  8. Some gates with no buildings? I have SODE 1.65 installed. Help appreciated. Peter Hougardy
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