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  1. here are some shots from Tamworth (YSTW) and Kennedy (KJFK): here is Kennedy: i switched to a distant parked aircraft, the ground was perfect, till it was "load" by FSX
  2. hi, i have recently seen a weird problem in FSX with some of my addon airports, including aerosoft's ones: (barajas and brussels) there are no taxiways or jetways, just the photoreal image. this means that i can see the taxiways thanks to the photo but they are poor and basicaly just the grass painted with the image. in some of the airports, when i switch to a distant parked airtraffic plane view, the scenery at first look perfect with the floor allright, from concrete or asphalt or whatever, but as it loads the scenery, the floor gets transformed to painted grass. I believe its a conflict but i cant solve it and i hate having the scenery in this poor conditions... I use REX HD GRASS, with FSX on a win 7 64bit. hope anyone could help me with it. thanks!
  3. Hi, Ive recently tried flying with a friend and we found out that its harder than it looks. I would like to learn some tips regarding to flying in formation, for ex: how do we manage to have the same speed between aircraft? is it a must to fly with the same aircraft? and some general tips that i could find usefull! thank you and I hope youll be able to help me with this part! have a nice day
  4. Hi, Two years ago, I bought some of aerosoft's software. 1- Mega airport madrid barajas x and 2. F-16 fighting falcon. Of course I was happy and statisfied with what i paid for. I stopped playing FSX for a year and a half as I formatted my PC and an external HD got erased. Last week i wanted to start playing fsx again, and i installed my cds. I found the mega airport madrid cd in my gaming cd case and i re-installed it. I get really low fps, and i remember that i have complained about it two years ago. there was a fix but i cant remember what it was. if anyone could help me to fix it, il be happy! thanks!
  5. hi! I bought with my new pc, 4GB of ram. I use a Vista 64 OS. when i open the task manager, the RAM never goes above 2GB... as you know, vista 32 allows only 2GB for every proccess, so as i get that number, it seems as my pc limits the ram and so my frame rates... what can i do and why my FSX is limited to 2GB of ram?! thanks.
  6. hi! first, my species: intel q9550 (2.83X4) hd 4850 512mb 4gb 800 playing on vista 64, 1280X1024 I have two questions- 1. when i check the Anti-aliasing in fsx's preferences, i think that it is too much anti aliasing. I saw great smooth but still sharp pics of fsx, and when i use the anti aliasing, it becomes too smooth... how can i control it? by the way- i tried to play with my graphics card preferences and it seems that there was no change at all... 2. why do i get 10 fps with the f-16 falcon, or the 747 of pmdg, and with my pc species...?! i expected to like 20+ thanks!
  7. hi, i've searched for the answer about my problem- runway white markings (double markings), and i found that the problem is that some mega airports arent dx10 compatible. those posts were kind of old, so i want to know if that issue is already solved? thanks
  8. it didnt helped, still cold and dark... thanks
  9. hi, so last week i received my new pc: processor: intel q9550 = 2.83X4 video card: ati hd4850 512mb 4 gb ram and etc... - running on a vista 64 OS. i've installed fsx+sp1+acceleration and my addons from aerosoft (f-16, madrid). i'm very impressed from the graphics and the performance, but there are times which i suffer from low fps and i dont understand why: most of the time i get 12-25 fps- different types of aircraft dont change it too much so its around that number. usually, when i got between 7-12, the game isnt so smooth, but by checking at the ask manager, the processor doesnt pass the 40% of its strange, and the ram and graphic card are like 50% used. so why, the system doesnt work harder to show me a best image?! thanks.
  10. hi! i have installed the aerosoft f-16 flight falcon a few days ago- its incredible, very good work. anyway, i have a big problem- there are 3 screens- the hud in the center and another two, one on each side. i basically got to turn on the hud, by pressing that wheel just beneath, but- tried a lot of combinations, and still i cant turn on the two screens (radar and the other...) they look cold and dark. i checked the manual to, nothing. i would be happy if someone here can help me with that- what to press??? thanks.
  11. i guess thats the fix, thanks but- i cant find it in there, i searched for at least 3 times and nothing about madrid. edit: found it thanks!
  12. hi... last week i received my new comp- Q9550 2.83 quad processor 4 gb of ram ATI HD4850 video card. i have vista 64. flight simulator x + sp1 + acceleration when i start in the airport of madrid (mega airport madrid-barajas), i get 2 frames per sec with the ultralight!!! anywhere else i get like 30 im desperate and i dont know why i got so bad preformance from a fine new comp! thanks
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