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  1. Thanks for all these pics - she's a real beauty
  2. Dear Aerosoft Team, I apologize beforehand, if this issue has already been addressed. I tried to search carefully, but maybe it eluded me. Plus the link result's in and error message, so I don't know on what problems haven't been fixed so far. I'm currently running on version (lol) and I have realized that the green ECAM fuel warning message "FOB below 3t" (or something similar) has disappeared. There's no warning whatsoever incase you run the bus dry - heck even my car makes more fuzz than that plane when reaching a certain low fuel level. I'm very hopeful that you can give us that ECAM message back. Of course the sweetest thing would be to implement the mid-level amber E/WD warning combined with a Master Caution and Master Warning visual and aural alarm. Sincerely, John
  3. If this was normal than no batteries are needed. On ground batteries are to back up electrical power if the main source APU/GPU/Engines fail or being turned off.
  4. I found a solution for my described problem: The Load and Fuel Page of the AS A319/320 calculates the wrong ZFWGC and Trim, the Fuel Planner comes up with different numbers. I used them instead and didn't have those issues described earlier. I noticed before that the Load and Fuel Page always showed ZFWGC 26.0 and Trim 0.8, I guess there's the bug. Just use the figures from the Fuel Planner and it should work.
  5. @Irishcurse Well that much was obvious! The bug didn't occure from the beginning, so clearly one of the updates must have caused the fault. Reinstalling without updates can't be the solution since the updates solved other bugs and/or brought more features to the bus.
  6. I'm having the same issues. Managed speed is completely messed up. In Climb Phase the Init Page says Managed 331/.78 however FMGS commands 201 until Alpha Floor, in Cruise Phase the Speed is even set to 113, Decent Phase 201 again. Correct weights have been entered, wind has been uploaded. Flight: LIMC EDDF, FL320, CI 48, pax 138, cargo 6.0, fuel 6.4, ZFW 57.3, ZFWGC 26.0 Addons: AS for P3D4, Aerosoft A319 latest update (no experimental updates), Aerosoft LIMC and EDDF, Ultimate Traffic Live, Time Zone Fixer, GSX v1 Btw, this was just the recent flight, I've been having the same issues for a while. Thanks for figuring out what went wrong!
  7. Well it seems to be working now, don't know what the problem was. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  8. Been awefully quiet on this thread! Any news why the livery manager doesn't work, or what is causing the misshap explained previously? I only use liveries that worked on the FSX A318-321 non-professional!
  9. I tried Strg + J on the AS 321 professional as discribed in the EDDH manual. I can try more positions/different aircraft once I get back from my business trip. Will post the results here.
  10. Sorry not to mention that I use the professional version, since it's the only one that comes with animated jetways that don't require AES.
  11. Exterior lights (Landing, RWY Turnoff, Take-off) have no effect. Dynamic lights is disabled.
  12. As the title says, the animated jetways at EDDH are missing, Strg + J has no function. Please advise. Thank you!
  13. To add to that list - if I may... 3. no wingbar 4. no exterior model
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