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  1. I installed my Philippine airlines a321 livery using the livery manager, It was a successful installation but it does not show up in my aircraft lists in my p3d v.4. TIA
  2. Im used that the 2nd MCDU is for the aircraft options. How can i find my aircraft options? im using aerosoft pro btw TIA!
  3. p3d v4 and aerosoft airbus extended x v1.15 and the nd is not displaying on the PFD
    I followed all the instructions but the livery does not show in my aircraft selection. Maybe someone could help Thanks a lot!
  4. i installed my aerosoft earlier but i only got few planes even though in my simobjects folder there a lot of planes installed but when i change my aircraft there are only a few showed up.
  5. Hi guys can you please help to troubleshoot the problem i have thanks! Note batteries can’t also be turned on
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