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  1. Thank you Holgi, Yes, Nica is my wife and of course I named the boat after her
  2. Maddz the lights come with the boat...All you need is the right date
  3. .....................................................Wishing you all a Very Happy Christmas from McLeland Field.............................................................................. Here is a very short video of that scene:- Just click it to view...It is best viewed clicked up to 1080 resolution and in Full Screen Mode. With Best Regards, Peter McLeland
  4. This video now looks great in HD 1080 resolution and Full Screen Mode...Even if I say it myself Thanks for looking
  5. That have not done it for FSX yet but they do intend to...At the moment they are concentrating on getting the SP (Service Pack)out for the FS9 version by Christmas
  6. I've just installed the boxed version of Aerosoft's Mega Munich and I took a few pictures...No Captions necessary:- The other shots can be seen here:- http://forum.mutleyshangar.com/index.php?/topic/5240-dusk-at-munich/ Thanks for looking
  7. Mathijs, This thread contains a lot of detailed discussion on it:- http://www.pprune.org/rumours-news/432704-qantas-a380-uncontained-2-engine-failure.html
  8. I left Little Bandit at a place called Arua in Uganda and that is where I resume my Tour:- I'm having a lunch break in one of the rear seats... The full sequnce of pictures can be seen by clicking this address:- http://forum.mutleyshangar.com/index.php?/topic/5198-africa-1960-tour-2/ Thanks for looking
  9. The Traffic files I use are the WOA (World of AI) ones...I have almost all of them installed. FS9 is FS9 and I have always liked the look of it better than FSX. It also helps to have a good graphics card...GeForce GTX 285 1024MB PCIe. Thank you for your comment Pacinka
  10. Thank you Kaspars, Well my next shots will be back in Africa 1960 as I'm going to resume my tour in Little Bandit
  11. ...of my Northern Hemisphere Cirumnavigation of the World in the IFly BBJ3. This sequence starts at Narita, Tokyo, Japan and finishes at McLeland Field, Alaska:- I'm just about ready for pushback here...The baggage loaders, rear steps and the Jetway are all backing away and the tractor is positioning to the nosewheel. Mathias is just going to give the tractor driver the "Clear to Push"... ...And now he is walking out to follow the pushback and saying to me "The left is clear. The right is clear and you are clear to start engines." The tractor driver does his usual superb job of turning us in reverse through 90 degrees, exactly onto the line. Now he will go and... ...disconnect the tractor. Here he is waving me off...BTW here at Narita he speaks with a Japanese accent and to my amazement, one second after this picture he executed a deep bow! Taxying out now and following the purple line...sorry about that! Tucking away the wheels and... ...turning immediately onto course...BTW for iFly specialists...Because the course is away in the opposite direction BUT still less than 3 nms away, the LNAV is executing this turn after being engaged at 400 feet. If I had waited a few more moments then LNAV would not have engaged because it would be outside that 3 nms limit and I would have had to induce this turn onto an interceot heading. On course and climbing away, LNAV and VNAV have control. I'm using the FS9 Real Weather downloads every 15 mins as I find this the smoothest method with less contrasty changes to upset the aeroplane. Here we are at cruising level FL330. The time is 00:46 GMT and my ETA McLeland Field (PAMA) is 07:53 GMT with 3418 nms to go. The more observant will notice the wind is on the Port Beam and is 132 knots and you can see the drift angle on the map display. Naturally at this height we are contrailing...We are about to Coast Out from the Northern edge of Japan. This is shown well on the FSNav map with our track across the Pacific just touching the southern tip of the Kamchatka peninsula. The Western end of Alaska is in the top right corner. Here is that aforementioned tip of Kamchatka... ...and confirmed here on the map. As the Sun is starting to set, everything is going pinkish. The Moon is showing at Last Quarter phase. If you look very carefully above the middle of the left half of the wiper blade, up to the horizon and then the same distance up again, you will see a small group of stars...They are the Pleiades, sometimes called "The Seven Sisters". Another view of the Virtual Cockpit. I found this interesting...The copilot's seat when moved right back then moves over to the right to make it easier to get in and out of. The captains seat does the same but to the left. The old Trident seats did not do that! Well it is darker now and we have 1507 nms to run to Base. The Moon looks pretty nice now... ...and even better from this angle. Here is where we are on the FSNav map Couldn't resist this dark shot of the Moon...And I managed to capture the flash of the lower beacon lighting the right engine nascelle. I had to wait a long time for this shot and I have raised the contrast so that you can see the stars. Below the aircraft is Orion with its bottom left star still below the horizon. Just above the aircraft is a "V" shaped constellation with the "V" lying on its side...The bright star at the bottom left end of the "V" is Aldebaron and the Constellation is Taurus. Continue on up to near the top of the picture and you can see the Pleiades. The green T/D Top of Descent mark is now in sight on the map and PAMA is just coming into view on the 320 nms range circle. Still looking pretty dark outside but we are now firmly established on the ILS for runway 13 and passing 3500 feet...We have both CMD A and CMD B engaged (duplex autopilots). So we are set for a full autoland and the FLARE is showing in white lettering so it is ARMED. This is the more dangerous runway here with the 4 degree glideslope passing hills on the left. Home in sight and we have been cleared to land. The windsock is showing a bit of a crosswind, but within limits. Someone is waiting to take-off. Touching down and... ...braking with full reverse thrust and autobrakes at Max...The ship at anchor is the Royal Carribean "Freedom of the Seas". Clear of the runway and pleased to be home. Not quite the standard of Aerosoft's AES but this marshaller is the best I could do! Parked on Stand 6, having circled the Globe. Thank you for following this very long sequence
  12. Continuing the Circumnavigation in the iFly BBJ3:- Ready to depart from Zvartnots in Armenia to Narita, Tokyo...The flight takes 9 hours 37 minutes. Up and away into the night. Here in the cruise at FL330 and Mach 0.79 we will step climb on route. Black as "Newgate's Knocker!" Practically all the flight will be as dark as this. However... ...for these next two shots I have wound up the contrast to show the contellation of Orion (the "belt" is the three stars above the nose). Ignore the "Noise" at top and left edges of the picture. Just in front of the nose there are the Pleiades. Sharp eyes should see seven faint stars in the group. Most people don't realise how accurately FS portrays the night sky...Especially if your "stars.dat" file is of size 429 KBs and dated 01/12/2001...If it is not that file and of smaller size then you will not see as many stars. If you need the proper file then ask and I will upload it. This is a long time later and we are at FL390 and the green T/D, Top of Descent mark is showing on the map at about 35 miles. Note the wind from the right at 134 knots and the large angle of drift to hold track. I remember many years ago as a Vanguard first officer on the Summer Night Shift, the dawn rising Sun used to hit me in the right eye as we flew back from Malta...I tended to send me to sleep. This shot reminded me of that... zzzzz Here the descent is underway and we are looking at the Captain's full IFR panel. On the final approach to Narita with a rather imposing Hotel on the left. Crossing the runway end for a... ...manual landing. We do have AES here and my "Follow Me" car has arrived promptly. You can see the "STOP" signal showing just above the HUD. The nearest jetway is moving in towards our front door and the steps are already at the rear door. The baggage vehicles are moving towards the holds. Catering is here... ...and we are being prepared for the last leg of our Circumnavigation...From here back to our start point at McLeland Field. Thanks for looking
  13. Continuing my circumnavigation in the iFly BBJ3, this leg is from Frankfurt to Zvartnots:- Here on Stand A1 at Frankfurt Main the AES is getting us ready to depart for Zvartnots in Armenia. No pushback was required on A1 so we are quickly away and taxying out. A slight delay at the runway as a Lufthansa Airbus lands. This shot is a crop to show you how busy the Autobahn is, just outside the airport. Away we go and... ...turning tightly to depart in the other direction. Some considerable time later and here we are completing our crossing of the Black Sea. This is a full autoland and the exact moment that the FLARE starts. Touchdown and... ...turn off. Parking on a stand but no AES here. Lots of interesting parked vehicles though. I'm glad I dont have to drive here...The signs look a bit difficult! I had to stand on the wall to get this picture. Another angle on those vehicles. We will depart later from here to Japan...It will be pitch dark for most of the flight. Thanks for looking
  14. I flew to there yesterday from Frankfurt and today I am mid flight from Yerevan to Narita, Tokyo (A 9.5 hour flight).
  15. "Leading Edge" Specs:- Case: Lian-Li Aluminium PC-6089A Motherboard: ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 CPU: Intel Core i7 920 2.66 GHz (LGA 1366) CPU Cooling: akasa NERO Power: Silent Pro M 500W Memory: Corsair 6GB...3x2GB Modules DDR3 Hard Drives: 1 SATA Seagate 1TB Backup External Drives Seagate 400GB, FreeAgent 465GB and FreeAgent 1.19TB CD R/W: Plextor 52x24x52 IDE DVD R/W: Plextor PX-708A Graphics: GeForce GTX 285 1024MB PCIe Sound: On board HD sound Operating System: Microsoft XP Professional Monitor1: Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2070SB 22" 0.24 dot pitch Monitor2: Dell 19" D 1025HE Keyboard: Logitech wireless with MxLaser Mouse
  16. Like the previous post, this sequence showcases Aerosoft's AES and we are at Aerosoft's Heathrow airport. There is the "Follow Me" car starting to lead us to our gate. This is a very handy view for following the car...Especially on the last bit as we near the stand. There is a British Airways 747 about to touchdown on the left. This is an engineer's view as the follow me car parks... ...as I turn in towards my stand. This is where the HUD view is really useful... ...as I near the stop point... ...which is indicated on that board on the right (I have just stopped with the white line at the top in line with the 737 mark). Here is a view from the BA flight crew car park on the top of a "multi-story"...I remember years ago, watching the progress on a daily basis as they built that concrete Radar Tower. Meanwhile the jetway is approaching our front door with its hooter beeping and Mathias is standing guard. As the jetway connects, the front luggage unloader has connected to the forward hold and the rear one is approaching its hold at the other end. Both luggage unloaders in position now and the right front door is open ready for catering. Catering going on now and a couple of vehicles that I have not seen before...That one at the rear fuselage and the small white van at the rear steps...Probably something to do with cleaning. The fuel Bowser is a pump vehicle that sucks out of a hydrant in the ground. Here is the view out of a terminal window and... ...for this final view I had to get up on the roof. Thank you for looking
  17. This sequence is to showcase Aerosoft's AES as well as the iFly BBJ3...The airport is the very fine freeware version of Ben Gurion by David Rosenfeld. Here is the tractor pushing us back with Mathias in charge. The tractor has a very nice thumpy engine noise and a very skillful driver... ...who gets you pretty close to the lines. Thumbs up from Mathias and... ...away we go (I have to use the purple line as I'm not yet familiar with this place). Waiting our turn for take-off on runway 30. "Rotate". Folding away the Dunlops... ...and passing the city as we... ...are about to Coast Out towards Cyprus. Nicely settled in the climb with the automatics keeping the speed limited to 250 knots below 10,000 feet. Just one VC shot with the HUD folded up. Here you can see the green TC mark for the calculated Top of Climb position on the map and the radiused arc is suggesting that it is a good estimate. Here you can see from the FSNav map that we are now just approaching Larnaca on the coast of Cyprus. And this spot view confirms it. Thank you for looking
  18. BTW...This airport has AES for 2 credits so I have activated it...Works just fine
  19. Yes, I only use FS9 but on another forum someone says I has found an FSX fix for this scenery
  20. ...that I shall enjoy visiting:- Thanks for looking
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