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  1. Hey. I see repaints for all virgin aircraft except the a321. here is a picture.
  2. I think it time to start just deleting these questions... They just waste space on the forum and make it harder for me to find actuallly important information. Or have like an command that it automatically deletes the post and send a pm asking them to read/search the forums before asking questions
  3. Out of curiosity, how far away is this concept. Is it in the process of being reworked? Can we expect it to be released with the busses, or after. Is this still something that needs a lot of work or will be released shortly after the busses. Also, will the CFD be implemented in the CRJ as well. And will it be free?
  4. Ok thanks for the responses! Ill try reducing my settings
  5. Hello, I have purchased my crj of simmarket. I have the latest verion 1.010. Running FSX with Chaseplane. I have been encountering an issue specifically with the CRJ and no other aircraft. In addition, the problem has always been there since I purchased the crj (1.005) and never went away. Whenever I press on a button that pushes inwards (ex fmc keys, apu start, engine start, mach trim, yaw damper) then about 1/2 the time the cursor will get stuck in the "holding down" position. I will have to click again to get it to release the button. The issue is annoying when im imputing my flightplan or starting apu or engines. I can provide screenshots of my sim if you like. Here is what my mouse looks like when it gets stuck down. I cant tell if this is the correct icon when i push down a button but it looks something like this. Perhaps the pushing down cursor looks like a fist.
  6. Will the new busses include an ipad like dave? I really like having a menu that is seperate from the mcdus. It is annoying on the busses or pmdgs planes to have to go back to the fmc/mcdus menu to open doors or edit settings or config ground equipment.
  7. Is there a reason that the FO fmc in the a320 is just for checklists doors and stuff. In other planes like PMDG both work. Seems odd to have only one working FMC if there is a shared cockpit feature. If the reason is that their would be a big fps or graphics impact on the sim, would this be reflected in having 3 FMC's in the A330. My A320 isn't doing great frame rate wise already.
  8. Wait, is the mystery airliners development being announced this year or is a mystery airliner getting released this year.
  9. I find it easier to type in google "Aerosoft "Insert airline" A3XX For example: aerosoft jetblue a321 The aerosoft forum links will come up. Much easier than searching through the forum search bar.
  10. Does anyone have a link to the news of a new airbus 320/321. never heard of this before. Is this gonna by a new product i have to buy cause I just recently bought the airbus a3xx's last month.....
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