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  1. Thanks, uninstalled then reinstalled the Bus Pro package, which includes the Updater. I ran it and am attempting a flight now, from KMSP to KRDU. Once again, the taxi out to the runway was all over the place..hard to control, and the takeoff and climb out just as bad. Aircraft is constantly jerking side to side, so unstable. I'm beginning to think that maybe my laptop is not equipped to run this package. Here are the specs... Acer Aspire E-15 Intel Core i5-6200u 2.3 GHz with turbo boost up to 2.8 GHz NVIDIA GeForce 940 MX with 2 GB dedicated vram 8 GB DDR4 memory 256 GB SSD Is this machine simply not going to work with the Airbus Pro package? Thanks, Larry
  2. Checked my Norton A/V, and the Updater is not on the quarantine list. So, is it best to uninstall, then reinstall the Bus package at this point..with the A/V disengaged? Thanks!
  3. Also, how do I determine the FPS for my sim and airbus? Thanks!
  4. I did find the following files..see attachments. However, there does not appear to be any type of executables in these folders/files. Very confused. Larry
  5. I am really stumped on this. Cannot find "AS Updater" anywhere on my computer, but I do have the Aerosoft Airbus 320/21 Pro package installed. What are my options? Thanks, Larry
  6. What is that and where do I find it? Thanks, Larry
  7. Hi, I'm flying the A320 Pro on the P3D_v4 platform. Since loading it a few weeks ago, I've not had one successful take-off or landing. I use real-time weather, which is usually of no consequence for proper flight. From the time I start taxiing to take-off, I am unable to properly steer the aircraft on the taxi ways and even down the runway on the takeoff roll. Then, from the time I take off until I reach altitude, the airplane shakes/tilts violently from side to side, sometimes even causing the auto pilot to disengage. After reaching T/C, the ride is usually smooth and uneventful..until I begin the descent. Even with very clear weather and light winds, the airplane once again shakes/tilts violently from side to side, all the way down to the runway, making a "normal" landing all but impossible, even if I try to use the auto-land feature. What can possibly be causing such problems? Thanks, Larry Dunson
  8. I am flying the A320/21 Professional on P3D_v4. I always start with the aircraft at the gate, but before I can even set up the “Aircraft State”, a flight attendant can be heard saying..”ladies and gentlemen, the captain has advised that we are now clear for takeoff”. This makes no sense at all, so how do I remedy this anomaly? Thanks, Larry
  9. Hi, I use SimBrief for my flight planning, always worked well with my old FS-Steam and Airbus family of aircraft. However, since switching to the P3D_v4 and A320/21 Professional Series, my SimBrief flight plans are not being recognized by the aircraft MCDU. I will appreciate any direction or suggestions to resolve this. Thanks, Larry
  10. So, I purchased the Bus Professional Series through FS Pilot Shop. As I have unlimited downloads, are you stating that if I download/install it again, the download will be an updated version? How will I know the difference? Thanks, Larry
  11. I recently downloaded the A320/21 Professional Series into my Prepar3D_v4 sim. There are several views in which I cannot zoom; I have included screenshots. I'm using the spacebar and mouse wheel to move within the cockpit and zoom. Is there a reason that the attached views are not zoomable? Is there a fix for this? Thanks, Larry
  12. Thanks for this information! Is the Prepar3D “Professional License”, available for $199.00 US, all I need to run the new Airbus Professional Series? Also, will ORBX scenery run on this platform?
  13. Thanks Cap’n Tom. Is the P3D platform a stand-alone simulator (I’ve only used FS-Steam), or does it have to be used in conjunction with some other simulator platform?
  14. Is the new Airbus 320/21 professional bundle available for the FS Steam platform?
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