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  1. Hi to all First i would like to tell to all repainters to AES vehicules and others objets they do a great a wonderful work. I would like just to this workers if they could say witch airport is the repaint they have done. i don't know all the names of the societies whitch works on each airports. thanks again stéphane
  2. Bonjour, Au mois de Juillet le terminal S4 va etre mis en service. Allez vous faire une mise à jour? De nombreuses modifications ont eu lieu depuis la sortie de l'update 1.01. Nous esperons voir toutes ces nouvelles modifications bientot. (terminaux, taxiways, parking etc...) Merci encore de votre travail
  3. Hi Wonderful AES great job but is it possible to put again effect (spray) when de icing cars wash ours aircrafts. I would like to join to "WebMaximus" post on date 29 january. Thanks again to your job..
  4. sorry i don't understand what you mean.
  5. Hi Just install AES 2.21 and Cuzco is always in red in AEShelp watch scenery.cfg [area.515] Title=Cuzco Layer=515 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Addon Scenery\LatinVFR\Cuzco Remote= any ideas?? Patch ?? thanks again
  6. Hi Firrst again congralutation to your AES, a big pleasure I have a problem with latinVFR SPZO, i have it correctly install in fs9 scenery, but in AES it stay on red and off. Do you have an explication thanks for your help
  7. Bonjour, Ce jour je decide de faire un vol au depart de LFPG du Terminal2 E et en bout de celui ci. Je m'apercos qu'il manque des place de parking sur le Terminal 2. En face de mon avion il y a quatres parties de Passerelles sans rien au bout pas d'acces pas de numeros .https://www.sia.avia...1_AD-2.LFPG.pdf page 7. Parking E38, E40, E42, E44 ou l'on peux trouver du HeAVY Pensez vous faire un patch pour modifier ces places de parking et les mettre utilisable Merci Ps bravo pour toutes vos scenes et travaux stephane
  8. Hello, So sorry for the miss understood. I try again this morning with exterior view and all the gears jumped with smoke I thinks like there are holes on rwy 24. Is it a flatten problem thanks for helps stephane
  9. Hello, I do 3 flights on Orly departure rwy 24 and my fspassengers said to me "passengers are annoyed because you made what seemed to be a dangerous take off" and i don't understand why. weather very fine, on axis rwy airplane don't touch the ground (APU) just some little jump when i push the throttles. The percent go down just when i was at 50% of take off until airborne WHY. If thome one have the same problem and the answer thanks. stephane
  10. Hi captain So sorry but i see the AES Help and i see nothing about my problem. Do you have more informations for me Thanks
  11. Hello, Thanks again for your answers but in witch manual ?? AES?? or Wilco ?? thanks a lot
  12. Hello, Where can i find this fonctionn exactly ?? I don't remember seeing this "repair aicraft" Is it with AES or Wilco/feelthere conficuaration? Thanks
  13. Hello, Since a have installed AES 2.06 after my pushback all my aircrafts (feelthere wilco Airbus erj) crash just when the pushcar unplugged of main gear. The nose isdown under the ground or aircraft flight at4 feetand turn ?? Why never hadthis before. Thanks PC Os Windows 7 64 bits FS2004
  14. Bonjour, depuis l'installation de AES 1.99a avec la scene Mega CDG j'ai deux passerelles en plus qui restent fixe alors que deux autres sont commandées par AEs. Comment faire disparaitre les passerelles "Suceuses" de la scene. merci stephane
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