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  1. This is a terrible installer. It took over two hours to download. And, then, no opportunity to save the file I purchased! Why? I do not want to go through the install process again! Further, I purchased the file. Why Will you not let me "own" it?
  2. mleuck

    Issues with KG/LB

    Thank you. All is fine now.
  3. mleuck

    Issues with KG/LB

    The latest version,
  4. mleuck

    Issues with KG/LB

    My loadsheet is set to pounds, but I get KG when loading the fuel and payload. I have attached screenshots. This is with both the A320 and A319 in P3Dv4.4. How do I fix this issue? Thank you
  5. I have solved my issue! I reinstalled my graphics divers and all is well. Thank you , everyone, for your help and suggestions.
  6. GTX 980 Ti and and drivers are up to date. No tweaks
  7. The flickering is just that. It is not a smooth visual, but rather a constant flickering of the image while the mouse is out of the frame. There is no flickering when outside the flight deck. P3dv4.4 is not being run on a laptop and I have no flickering issues with any other add on aircraft (PMDG, FSLabs, CS etc). I did notice if I drop down the FPS, things calm down.
  8. I have constant flickering while in the flight deck. If I move the mouse into the view, the flickering stops. There is no flickering outside the flight deck. Anyone else have this issue? Are there any suggestions or fixes? Thank you
  9. Thank you for your reply. Here is the info you have asked for: 1. Siatek Yoke, rudders and throttle control. 2. Two throttle levers 3. FSUIPC for both 4. Inverted axis is selected and the number of throttles correctly selected 5. I have checked the axis configuration By the way, my current set up works perfectly for PMDG, FSLabs, CS, QW, etc. Thank you again for your help.
  10. I have searched and read everything I could find to solve my issue. When I advance the throttles, the reversers deploy at about 50% throttle. I cannot find the issue here. The reversers work as they should, but the throttle issue has me confused. Cannot fly this aircraft until the issue is solved. How does everyone else make this happen? Help please! Thank you
  11. Problem solved! The current Navdatabase was in the "second" position rather than the "first" I could not see the trees for the forest. It was your screenshot that opened my eyes. Thank you very much for your time and assistance. I really appreciate it! Take care Michael
  12. Yes, I do that. I am not trying to enter a waypoint. The screen you see is the result of entering EGKK/LIRN.
  13. I tried to load the "stock" flightplans which were included and none of them will load.
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