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  1. Typical Aerosoft! Pay now for an unfinished product and then, wait, wait, wait! Unacceptable!
  2. I do not think I do. would I look in the GSX folder? Are there jetways at all terminal gates?
  3. Does no one know why I do not have jetways? Someone must know.
  4. Looks like this scenery was released too early!
  5. I have just installed LSZH into P3dv4.5 and have no jetways showing. How do I get them to show? Did I do something incorrectly? Thank you
  6. This is a terrible installer. It took over two hours to download. And, then, no opportunity to save the file I purchased! Why? I do not want to go through the install process again! Further, I purchased the file. Why Will you not let me "own" it?
  7. I understand your workload is huge, but I am frustrated by your lack of attention to current products which were purchased. Please, please get the airbusses compatible with the current version of P3d. Also, please upgrade your sceneries for customers which have already purchased them. (PANC, for example). Thank you Michael
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