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  1. 9 hours ago, masterhawk said:

    You are in the wrong forum section MSFS.
    And please don’t hijack other topics. Open your own one, if the issue is a different one. In the proper section.


    But as there was a lot work done with the dynamic lights, I guess it’s intended, and the manual just outdated. But only the dev can tell. Maybe @OPabst has an idea.

    Hi Bob, sorry about misplaced my concerns.

  2. From Zagreb Professional Configurator version the Dynamic Apron Lights window is blank (black) regardless if P3dv4 or v5. Is that normal even the Manual is showing several Dynamic apron lighting options to activate or deactivate?

    Patricio Valdes

    Zagreb Configurator.jpg

  3. 2 hours ago, Pavel1971 said:

    Thanks, Rado. In just a week, I will start exporting the airport to MFS. I will not name the timeframe, but work in this direction will begin this month :) :)

    In principle, this is how the updated terminal at the Bratislava airport looks now day and night :)































    Brilliant scenery especially at night! Good artwork!


  4. 6 hours ago, Pavel1971 said:

    How good it is to make detailed landscapes :)
    Now I know where in Bratislava you can find a veterinary hospital :) She is certainly not alone in Bratislava, but I can definitely find this one :)

    Guys, of course, this is a joke. Well, as on Saturday, a beautiful spring day not to joke :) And then I very serious, I'm doing Bratislava  :)

    By the way, this veterinary clinic for cats is located near the airport, so keep in mind if you arrive in Bratislava with a cat :)








    Sure, I will try to be there with a big Lion (lol).


  5. 2 hours ago, mopperle said:

    Again, there are no charts, as this airport is now closed for nearly 30 years, yho have to fly visualy.

    The northern lights are a specific feature of ENVY. I'm not aware of default northern lights in FSX.

    So I suggest to sit in ENVY and simply wait. ;)

    Good idea .... or to replace my sunglasses (lol).


  6. 1 hour ago, mopperle said:

    Be aware it is not compatible with P3Dv4 and above

    I understand but anyway I can't find the Chart even to use it with FSX sim.

    So, any other Aerosoft Scenery to give a try in order to see the Northen Lights or Aurora borealis?


  7. 40 minutes ago, mopperle said:

    ENVY only exists as a heliport. It was opened in 1986 and closed in 1990 after several accidents. That's the reason why it is not included in any navdata.

    More about the history of this airport:

    I just checked Wikipedia link and I can see the runway as well. I am intended to purchase Aerosoft Vaeroy scenery I want to see the Northern Lights. But flying from a nearest airport to ENVY I guess I can use a Charts to find the course instead of AIRAC. Am I right? On the another hand, I don't see other way to see the northern lights at the moment.


  8. 19 hours ago, Pavel1971 said:

    There is no train Patricio, but there are ships in the Baltic Sea :)))

    I became the proud owner of Covid, unexpectedly. "Good" news always comes in the morning. I hope it doesn't affect my work. So basically, I continue to work on Liepaja and other projects.

    Covid is a common human issue today so please stay safe you and your family. Liepaja will be well done I know that.


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