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  1. I am using Altpilotx mesh v4, and I configured Aerosoft for third party mesh, but buildings are still floating.. Is this a known bug? Kim..
  2. And how can I turn off static aircrafts so that they don't crash?
  3. Hi folks I have purchased Aerosoft OSLO (order number: 1076880) for X-Plane 11.. I have installed X-Life, but the aircrafts spawns inside the terminal. I can't seem to fix it, and I don't want to be going about messing with WED and mess up this beautiful airport that I have purchased. How can I fix it? Here's a picture of how it looks attached. Kim
  4. Are you there? I've sent Aerosoft many mails but I don't get any anwers.. I can't reply you on my thread either.. I'm locked for editing! I can't send you a private message either.. My Aerosoft product is not working as intended and I need assistance.

    1. Frank Docter

      Frank Docter

      Please go and file a support ticket. Talking to the boss directly is of no use. It is even in his signature. The guys of support will be happy to help you. 

    2. keem85


      Yeah you're right.. I'm new here :) Seems that I was locked the 24 first hours after creating a new account.. It doesn't get locked anymore now.. It was reopened by itself a few hours ago

  5. Can you activate so that I can answer you?

  6. I can't write back to you. On my own thread!

  7. Hi.. Seems I got locked for editing.. I can't write on any threads

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