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  1. Hello everypne. I was flying from Shanghai ZSPD to Hamburg EDDH, and for some reason I should go to sleep, my settings allow Airbus to set simulator on pause at top of descent. So, I woke up and turned on my monitor, than find out A330 on ground aolmost died with no power. I have question, does I must set something else in MCDU for correct pausing? To prevent some questions: Yes, I have option pause at T/D in turned ON and no, there is no flight plan discontity beetwen points and T/D Oh, sorry wrong place, move it to the right topic
  2. Hello. Any chance of Aeroflot and Star Alliance Air Canada?
  3. Absolutely. Stock P3DV5. Recently I became to turn off cockpit lightning and now situation a bit better
  4. I saw many YT videos with normal looking cockpit A330 in P3D V5. I still can't figure out how they fix this... That glossy cockpit bugging me, I can't even see what is written on the MCP
  5. Hello everyone. Bought A333 and after install & reboot my PC I found out that something wrong with my MCP. I already found one topic with file, but download link not available anymore
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