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  1. Hi @SQ024 Thanks for replying. I do have the .bgl file on my scenery\world\scenery folder. Regarding on removing the link for GSX, how do i do that sir? Thanks
  2. Hi @doublebubble I had hard time understanding what you said. I am experiencing the same problem. Can you pls help me? I found a WADD file on my C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\Scenery\World\scenery the file is WADD_ADEP2_ADE_ALT.bgl I hope you can help me many thanks, francis
  3. Hi sirs, I would like to do a re-install for my BaliX scenery and i cant google on how to uninstall the scenery. i hope someone can help me. Thanks
  4. Hi @Mathijs Kok Do p3dv3 users have to wait a bit longer for the a330 to be released? Also i poster a picture regarding on the specs if it will be the same with the a330x. thanks and have a nice day
  5. hi I just want to ask if these specs will be the same for the A330X? http://www.flugzeuginfo.net/acdata_php/acdata_a330_300_en.php also i just want to make sure if these figures match the a33ox? thanks!
  6. Hi mathijs Its been a long since we’ve see the a330 is it ok you post a picture where we can see the wing from the flightdeck? Also, will this be available for v3 and v4 of p3d?
  7. @Mathijs Kok hi sir! Thanks for replying. I am using prepar3d v3.4
  8. Hi sirs, Ive been using bali x for quite some time now and just now i flew there at night and there are no taxi lights and runway lights. The lights that i saw were taxiway edge lights and runway edge lights. Also everytime i ask gsx for pushback at either to the left or right it suddenly turns the aircraft 180 degrees. This is the only scenery that i experience this problem with gsx. i hope you guys can help me. thanks francis
  9. Finally! Thanks to all the developers that made this happen! You guys ate the best! Question, is this going to be available for p3dv4 users??
  10. Hi @Mathijs Kok im a p3dv3 user and im wondering if there is a large difference between a 32 bit and a 64 bit for the a330. Cheers
  11. Hi @Mathijs Kok, One question. Will the new busses have an accurate start up for the APU? In terms on how long does it take for it to be available. cheers!
  12. Hi @Stefan Hoffmann, is it going to be available for P3Dv3 as well? Or just for v4? best regards francis
  13. Hi, I just want to ask if there will any cabin noise/cockpit noise? just like in the pmdg when the wheels are hitting the taxi lights. Or whenever the plane is taxiing you tend to hear different kinds of rattling sounds. Thanks!
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