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  1. Hi aerosoft, I would just want to say thank you to all of you for listening to your beloved customers. Especially on the A330. Controls are much better and smooth. There are some tweaking that needs to be improved especially the autopilot still tends to bank aggressively and when established on the LOC it tends to move left and right even if the LOC is in the middle. These are just some problems i noticed, just to name a few. The tiller problem that ive been experiencing was already fixed. To more successful projects! Cheers and happy new year!
  2. Hi, i tried to figure out how to add the max passengers for the 330 on the .cfg file and i cant look for it.
  3. I also made a thread about this problem and mine is much worse. After i turn on the pedal disc, it starts to turn in circles. Turning it off doesn’t help either. So right now, im just taxiing using the rudder pedals which at 20kts, it tends to skid on its own which is a big hassle especially if there’s atc or traffic. @Mathijs Kok i also have FSUIPC and the only thing i have there is calibration. I didnt assign any axis or what so ever.
  4. francis16

    A330 update

    Hi, i just got an email from simmarket on the update of a330 v1000. Do i need to install this update?
  5. Same here! Im getting - value on my EFOB. My flightplan is giving me 9.4 of fuel left upon landing.
  6. Is this the only solution to this problem? Well, i dont mind taxing using the rudders but i would really prefer using my rotary knobs and tiller just like in the old airbus. Anyways, i dont want to touch my .cfg file because i might screw it up. I HOPE in the next update it will be fixed. I think alot of people are also experiencing this problem with the tiller. Many thanks with your help and happy holidays
  7. @DaveCT2003 hi dave. Just want to ask of there is a fix for this problem? thanks and happy holidays
  8. Yes ive read it. thats why im just throwing an OPINION here. im not mad or demanding a change. I actually expected it to be like this. and to be honest i am still happy how it flies. getting to A to B is easy and flyable.
  9. hi, thanks for all the help. How do i do that? thats also my other problems. tried googling it but to no avail
  10. Hi guys, Just to be clear this thread is not an attack on the developers for the a330. I know they spent years to get this delivered on time. And believe the developers did a marvelous job. I've been flying the aircraft for 2 days now and i just noticed some anomalies. First and foremost i am not an a330 rated pilot but im just wondering, does it really turn so harsh with autopilot on? in my knowledge and research there is a delay on the flybywire system when it turns. Lastly, the landing phase, I noticed how difficult it is to land this aircraft and the amount of effort you put on the control stick isn't enough. Even when pitching up or down, its hard to maintain an angle. There are times that it would ascend/descend at a greater angle. I believe this is just not me experiencing it. And i do believe that my sim controls are not the problem. Ive seen streamers with high end control columns also experiencing it. Just laying my opinion out here. And hoping the flybywire system will improve. #nohate #iamnotanaerosofthater Peace and Happy holidayz
  11. francis16

    wind request

    hi, I am having trouble figuring out how to get the wind request on the MCDU of the a330. I use simbrief for my flight planning.
  12. well everything sound the same since i bought them. Theres no noise everytime i rotate it. and it still feels the same since day one. but it worked for me on the old a320 before on p3dv3.
  13. @DaveCT2003 Hi again dave. sorry for messaging again but i figured the cause of the problem. so it happens everytime i turn on the pedal disc. Disengaging it help but its like pmdg when you taxi. thanks
  14. @DaveCT2003 Thanks for your reply. It started when i set on my rotary thing on my X52 pro as my tiller. (via throttle 3 of axis assignments) when i was about to taxi i made sure that the tiller was turned on (via MCDU3) and i pressed the tiller button. without adding power it started moving then all of a sudden it just turned left/right on its own. i checked it on the ECAM and applying left/right rudder and it was responding on the ECAM but the nose wheel wasnt responding. i disabled the Ry on the axis assignments and it was still doing it. tried fixing it on FSUIPC and i just had a hard time figuring it out. it came to a point where my x52 pro didn't respond on the inputs. i hope you can help me on this.
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