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    Thank you so much man , I requested it and u did it , i'm so glad, thanks again !
  1. Air Caraibes (FWI) please thanks in advance
  2. Since the new airbus , all the repaints of NEO airbuses don't appear anymore in the simulator even if they appear in the livery manager , what can i do for this. I already made all the changes necessary to update former airbus to V4 with the aibus v4 main panel, the change of the texture.cfg Can you help, cause i had them working on airbus but since the , they just disappear from simulator airplanes list ? greetz
  3. I know i'm rough i'm just pissed off to have monarch and air berlin which dont exist anymore and not be able to fly the a32x family for air france when its one of the major operators, I don't get how no one make one for the professional , i really don't get it, jes!
  4. SERIOUSLY NO ONE HAS MADE A REPAINT FOR AIR FRANCE LIVERIES?!!!! We have to only use the A318 of a major company and a major Airbus operator, it's a shame !! Im checkin like everyday the new liveries topic and we are proposed a bunch of unsignificant liveries but no AIR FRANCE A319 320 321 !! What is the problem with you people ? and don't tell me to add former liveries, we already try this and it's never working even following the tutorial and step by step thing, it's not working ! its black textures inside and outside , just make AIR FRANCE liveries to be respectful of one the hugest world airline company in the world and one of the major operator of AIRBUS ! Airbus planes are assembled in Toulouse France and no one , absolutely no one among the repaint guys can make some air france liveries for the new airbus, i'm really pissed off, it's just unacceptable and such a shame for air france and from aerosoft! JUST DO IT ! come on ! Jes!
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