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  1. Hi, I'd like to purchase the ASK21 by Aerosoft for my sim but have noticed the compatibility is only for P3D v2, not v3. I read on a review that it can work fine in P3D v3 but only if you configure the exe.xml file. I don't have nor want to purchase the EMT because this product can work in P3D anyway, so there would be no need to migrate it over. Can anyone advise how to make it compatible for P3D v3? Thanks
  2. Hi, For the last year and a half of flying BA IAE ops around Europe in my A320/21, I've begun to notice a rather annoying feature of the Aerosoft Airbus in P3D. What I am about to explain is of course based on my own observations as a passenger on any normal flight as well as seeing real-life performance calculations via Twitter etc. Since most of my takeoffs are performed at Heathrow, I've begun to notice a trend in the performance of the aircraft in the takeoff roll. For example, I was flying to Athens, A320, takeoff weight of 69.6 tonnes and 10.9 tonnes of fuel onboard. After using the Takeoff Performance Calculator from the Russian Avsim forums, I was given a calculation of Flap 3 off 27R (which I deliberately set, mirroring usual flap operations with BA at LHR) and a set of v-speeds in the region of 140 to 150 knots. When I finally set takeoff thrust, with a Flex Temp of around 55, during normal temp/wind/pressure weather conditions, the acceleration of the aircraft was extremely slow, and I mean slow. The yellow arrow for the speed trend was barely 20knots above my current speed. We finally rotated abeam Terminal 5B, which is a very long way down the runway. It's from this, and dozens of other times when taking off not just from Heathrow, but also other airports, that I've come to the conclusion that the Aerosoft IAE engines are underpowered. In real life, idle thrust on IAE is enough to get the aircraft to taxi without any additional power. In the Aerosoft, I need at least 1/5 of thrust to get the aircraft moving at a steady pace (even when I'm doing a quick hop up to Manchester in a very light aircraft.) When I did a series of tests at Heathrow, using 27R and exactly the same weights and performance calculations, the CFM aircraft accelerated much more quick than the IAE did and as a result I rotated just past the control tower instead of rotating past one of the Terminal 5 satellites. I've read multiple threads on how people think the A320 takeoff roll is unrealistically long and how r/w pilots have proved them wrong. But I think this case isn't another example of that but genuinely a bug with the Aerosoft. BA use a preferential takeoff config of Flap 3 and Flex 69 on a lot of their shorthaul flights. But when I replicate this in the sim, instead of rotating very early (typical of BA a/c at LHR to improve departure efficiency), I get into the air very late. It just feels very unrealistic rolling down the runway in a fairly light A320, watching the speed increase at a very slow rate and rotating with barely enough runway left. Countless videos on Youtube show BA A320s rocketing out of Heathrow, passing thrust reduction altitude overhead the end of the runway and then there's me at about 400ft passing the end of the runway. Can anyone shed a light on why the Aerosoft is like this and more importantly, how can I fix it? Tweaking of the flight model files or are there already mods out there for this. I notice it's just a problem with IAE's; I never had this problem when doing CFM ops like Easyjet. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, I'm a flight simmer still stuck on v3 on P3D and wishing to remain on P3D v3 for a while until I can get a better PC to run the more graphically demanding v4 and other intensive addons like the FSLabs A320. My v3 at the moment is trouble free and I'm happily flying round Europe in the Aerosoft Airbus with many sceneries and addons like ORBX Global and Europe and AS Heathrow, etc. But now that v4 has been released, I've noticed that many developers like Aerosoft have been releasing old sceneries that only worked in FSX and FS9 that now work in P3D version 4 only. Whilst I understand that v4 is now the go-to addon for flight sim (apart from XP11) due to its 64-bit structure, I can't help feeling that v3 has been left out in the middle. Lots of the new 'professional' sceneries being released are of many good airports that I would've liked to have purchased if it wasn't for their exclusive FSX/FS9 compatibility. So what I'm asking is: can I use v4 sceneries in v3? I've seen that many new sceneries have been optimised for v4's dynamic lighting but surely this means they still include the general texture structure and files that v3 uses as well? If I bought Aerosoft's Friedrichshafen 'Professional,' would it work in v3? And I don't mean for it to work absolutely perfectly (I'm fine if there's a few missing textures etc.) but for it to work without crashing my sim or anything severe like that? Thanks in advance for the replies. I know it sounds picky about v3 being left out but I just feel like everyone's moved on to the v4 market now and those unable to run v4 as well have been left behind. Cheers
  4. Hi Nowadays, when a scenery is released by AS for FSX, it is compatible with P3D as well. But unfortunately lots of other sceneries produced earlier are FS2004 and FSX compatible, but not P3D compatible. I think AS should focus on bringing all their sceneries up to date with modern flight-sims. This is my only wish!
  5. 2 Things: 1. Set default state to cold and dark and manually power up the 'bus. This means that all the systems will be turned on properly by you, not the sim that might load incorrectly. 2. If 1 doesn't work, reinstall! This fixes a lot of problems for people. Hope this helps!
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