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  1. Brittania actually has used some A320s.
  2. I created a fanclub for the CRJ. Feel free to join!
  3. I didn't have that problem when i was testing it. Cant test it now because I am abroad.
  4. Is it good? Will I get the A330?
  5. Sorry i did a mistake you have to create the folder in Virtuali\Airplanes and not Virtuali\GSX\Airplanes. Then you put the two folders from the file above inside that folder and then you can start up the sim.
  6. Did you try it again after reinstalling?
  7. To shutoff the engines you need to press the red buttons in the throttles (fuel cutoff) or load from the tablet the ready to start engines aircraft state.
  8. You can put those two folders in C:\Users\Appdata\Roaming\Virtuali\Aircraft
  9. I created two config files for the two CRJs. I think they turned out pretty good.
  10. I don't have any images right now. Can somebody else post his?
  11. This is LGMT. My town's airport. That plane was here today.
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