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  1. @Mathijs Kok Fact is it's your airplane so do what you wish. The question of "is there a cabin" had the response of "this is a pilot simulator not a cabin crew simulator and pilots spend almost no time in the cabin." You missed the point completely, if you're modeling an airplane and the cabin is not important then you may as well be a flying cockpit. Fenix has it, PMDG has it and SO many other devs are adding it, so maybe ask them what they see in adding it. We might as well fly the headwind a330 neo because this product isn't differentiating itself much even from an existing freeware aircraft. A huge part of MSFS is admiring the amazing aircraft you are in, detailed beautifully because we have a sim that can do it, then you're in this huge a330 where you walk over to the door that you can't even open it. You just lost your sense of scale and almost all you can appreciate about the plane is the cockpit. Wish you the best though but if you are taking on the task of modeling a plane then at least do so in a way that others can have full appreciation for what makes up the aircraft and not just the cockpit. There is a reason you guys are known for not having anything innovative, interesting or with much depth (Not just systems) and I don't mean this in an offensive way but that "This isn't the 1980s we shouldn't have a cabin!" attitude just shows how little innovation/imagination and attention you put into your products, and that's not just for the cabin.... If that's your best then that's your best.
  2. Mathijs will there be a cabin in the a330 and will it be really low res like the crj?
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