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  1. Hey Jacob,<BR>Something similar happened to me when I first installed Tropical City, and Thiago helped me with it. Since I don't know that you are having the same problem as I did, I would advise that you PM Thiago directly. He is very patient and supportive with this sort of thing.<BR><BR>Relay.
  2. First, I have to thank Thiago for his tireless efforts in helping me to get Tropical City up and running on my computer. That being said, This is a very beautiful map, with lots of scenery, and even a working airport. There is however, some things which I think would improve it significantly. Firstly, when more, (and better) smaller buses are available, I would like to see this map with only smaller (single decked) buses on it. These huge unwieldy double deckers have to negotiate narrow streets and short radius curves which makes the gameplay feel more like a "driving ability test" than a "passenger bus simulator". Secondly the bus terminal at the airport should have been larger, with parking bays similar to the Luenen terminal in the Dortmund map. This is an area where the buses wait for departure and the automobiles back up behind them, and create huge traffic jams. But the map is 4 star for me. Well done, Thiago.
  3. This is a great map. It has good scenery, with both short and longer routes. My only complaint is that a few more traffic intersections could use traffic lights. Some of those places create long backups in the traffic and cause the bus to run late.
  4. Thank you, Sauter. I appreciate your help. I have also been communicating with Thiago directly. He has been very supportive and helpful. But despite our best effort, Tropical City still gives an error message and doesn't load.
  5. I've tried twice to install this map. Both times, the installer ran and everything looked to be going well. But when I open OMSI, the map is not there. Anyone else have this problem?
  6. To install the new version 2.5, do I need to uninstall the 2.4 first?
  7. Hello Sauter. This is a beautiful map. Lev is not the only one with this problem. I had this exact same problem. However, I just now found out that I had not installed the additional streets. I uninstalled and reinstalled everything. And it all works fine. Thanks again for a very detailed map.
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