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  1. Thanks Hans

    That's what I wanted to know. I see this feature is available in the CRJ1000, according to flightdeck photos I have seen.


    Using this feature makes the plane an absolute pleasure to fly. I am REALLY enjoying flying this plane now. Thanks for all your effort in putting it together.




  2. Using the very latest update of CRJ. Noticed that the airports do not display on the ND screen when selected in the FMS. After cycling through OFF, ON, COMP a few times, they then appear.

    I think this was listed as one of the new fixes but it is not working properly.

  3. I always start P3D with a default aircraft (F22) - as always recommended to do. Then I change to the DC-8. Today I selected the DC-8 from the start in place of a default aircraft and there were NO sounds in the C&D setup. Somehow the default aircraft sounds appear to be coming through. Temp fix is just to start directly with the DC-8. I hope this doesn't create other problems with the DC-8. Will do a flight and test.


  4. Concerning the DC-8 forum - a number of posts have been posted and there has been ABSOULTELY NO response from Aerosoft. Some posts are 2 months old!!

    What is going on?  Michael has not been on the forum for weeks . If there is a problem, I would say it is common courtesy to inform us and to respond to our questions/problems. Please explain. Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards


  5. On 7/11/2020 at 1:25 PM, Caribpilot said:

    Any updates on the FSX version?

    Is this forum still alive? This question was asked on July 11 and today is July 26 and this person has still not received a response from aerosoft.. This is not good enough. This person "M. Carter" would appreciate an answer!

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