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  1. I always start P3D with a default aircraft (F22) - as always recommended to do. Then I change to the DC-8. Today I selected the DC-8 from the start in place of a default aircraft and there were NO sounds in the C&D setup. Somehow the default aircraft sounds appear to be coming through. Temp fix is just to start directly with the DC-8. I hope this doesn't create other problems with the DC-8. Will do a flight and test.


  2. Concerning the DC-8 forum - a number of posts have been posted and there has been ABSOULTELY NO response from Aerosoft. Some posts are 2 months old!!

    What is going on?  Michael has not been on the forum for weeks . If there is a problem, I would say it is common courtesy to inform us and to respond to our questions/problems. Please explain. Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards


  3. On 7/11/2020 at 1:25 PM, Caribpilot said:

    Any updates on the FSX version?

    Is this forum still alive? This question was asked on July 11 and today is July 26 and this person has still not received a response from aerosoft.. This is not good enough. This person "M. Carter" would appreciate an answer!

  4. Hi Michael

    The oscillation problem at CRZ has not been resolved in v3. As I said in another post, CRZ is very stable up to and including FL350. Once you go higher, the oscillating problem presents itself and is most annoying. Could you please look into this matter again - it's not linked to low speeds but to high altitudes. Would be much appreciated.



  5. The update of version 3 was made available, on this site, on Monday 08 June. I enquired when simMarket would have the update. I was told by Mathijs that the update file, and I quote, "is made available the same hour they are available on our shop."

    Today is Saturday 13 June and simMarket have told me that they have not received the update yet. Now someone is clearly not being truthful! Can you please clarify this matter. Thanks in advance.



  6. On 6/8/2020 at 6:46 PM, kandress86 said:

    Any idea on the time frame of it going to stores like Flight1 and so on? Just kinda eager to get back in the air heh! 

     Michael, please answer this question.

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  7. Hi Michael

    A very interesting observation which might help you solve the oscillating problem at CRZ. Just did a flight at FL330, with AS weather, and the plane was rock solid. Then did a step climb to FL370 and the oscillating problem returned. Descended back to FL330 and the plane held the altitude perfectly again. Then went up to FL350, and the plane was rock steady at CRZ. Then went up to FL370, and the problem presented itself again. It appears that at lower altitudes (FL310-FL350) the ALT HOLD is solid but at higher altitudes (FL370-390) the problem appears. Maybe this info can help you find a solution.

    On 3/16/2020 at 10:35 AM, znatusch said:

    Yes, I've found that that the alt hold porpoises a little too, but possibly not in all areas of the flight regime. Didn't notice any oscillationi until the last couple hundred miles of a long flight (Johannesburg to Manchester), after the final step climb to FL380.

    This quoted statement supports what I have found - the problem only appeared at a higher altitude, in this case FL380.



  8. On 5/19/2020 at 9:15 PM, Longezjet said:

    I totally agree with Captain_Edwards. I'm my self have experience with real life CRJ200 flying and the TOTO or GAGA modes are unusable. After pressing TOTO should be pitch up to 12 degrees, and for GAGA 10 degrees. 

    Once rotating and positive rate, gear up, speed mode ( which works as described by Captain_Edwards_) above 400 ft, heading mode or nav mode, depending on take off profile. Above 600 feet autopilot ON, and airplane just goes up to almost 20 degree pitch up. Above 1000 AFE acceleration and cleaning up the bird while speeding up. As of now , it is a fight for survival here :) I think this is a great product that needs a little bit more touches to get as real as it is in real life. Please have this fixed and updated.

    Yes please, its been a LONG wait.

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