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  1. for vas problems try disabling ftx vector and using p3dv3 and post back the results....
  2. my post disappeared.. bug?,,, air france livery please... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_France#/media/File:F-GZCN_CDG_160112_(6714172673).jpg
  3. here are the specifications from wikipedia: A330-200 A330-200F A330-300 Maximum fuel capacity 139,090 L (36,700 US gal) 97,530 L (25,800 US gal) 97,530 L (25,800 US gal) although it would depend on your RAM also, if you have 16GB of RAM you would get full fuel capacity but if you have 8GB you would only get 70 percent of fuel capacity, I believe that this is due to simulator limitations....
  4. is Rolf Fritze going to be doing the voice for the a330? I love his accent/speaking style .. dropping him as the default voice in the a320 was the worst decision because the new guy sounds too much like David Cameron.
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