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  1. Thank you! Setting a DIR after take-off is what I did to "fix" temporarly the issue but I would like to fix it once for good! 🙂 Both my INIT pages were correct and flightplan all set.
  2. Thanks! So what do you mean by "reloading"? Reload the scenario itself from scratch or the aircraft state only?
  3. Thank you for your help. This time it was loaded in turnaround state and i went again in the options to reselect the turnaround state to make sure the checklist flow works properly. I noticed that when I don't select the aircraft state the checklist is totally messed up. Thanks, Pierre.
  4. Dear support, I have an issue since my last flight with the A320. A318/319 are fine. I have P3d v4 HF 3 with version of all the Airbus serie. Once my flight plan as been inserted in the MCDU and double checked (SID, STAR, Transition, ILS), without any discontinuity, both INIT pages as well as take of datas filled, I set the FCU. What I don't understand is why the NAV button being pushed there is still a heading displayed with the vector on the ND? I tried to pull and push the knob again but nothing changed. Don't know what I'm missing here! On the PFD, it menti
    Looks awsome! Would you have it for the P3D version as well? That would be amazing! Thank you! Pierre.
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