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  1. Hi Otto, thank you for your answer :-). I will do that! Very happy to see the A330 in the sim now. Cheers
  2. Edit: I found, that the numbers are sometimes there but barely visible, like they are under a semi-transparent layer,... and sometimes they are not visible.
  3. Hi, i did not find any Topic on this, so i just created a new one. Yesterday i got a new subscription for the Charts and i noted that the MSA values that i found earlier on the Maps within the 25NM around the Airports is missing in my case. Anyone else with this Problem?
  4. Hi guys, since i have not used my P3D (in v.4.3, which runs smoothly on my System with various Add-ons) for almost 6 to 9 months and the A330 got released, i just plan to update via the client-Update from P3D v4.3 to P3D v4.5HF2. Is it necessary to update my planes (e.g. Aerosofts A319/320-Series, PMDGs 737NGX and 777), Airports (e.g. FlyTampa, Aerosofts, FSDGs, MKStudios, ..) or Tools (GSX, Sode 1.6.3, AS for P3Dv4. ASCA, PFPX)? Do you have any additional suggestions? Thank you in Advance and have a good Weekend :-), Cheers,
  5. Yep, it is the same cycle on both and in the PMDG it is in the correct alphabetical order
  6. Hello good morning, i just updated my Navcycle to the current one (1813). I planned a flight from EDDF to ENGM with the MARUN6M Departure from Rwy25C (see Chart 4-130 effective 13-Sep-2018). However, in the Cockpit i do not have this Departure available in the MCDU, although it Shows the correct Navdata set. Why is it not possible to select this route? Thanks in Advance 🙂 PS 1: Just to add, i tried the same flight with the PMDG 737NGX (also with the updated dataset) and here i can select this Departure route. PS 2: Ok, i was too fast. The route is there, -but- it appears at the very end of the page --> so, the Departure routes are not in alphabetical order :-P.
  7. Good morning, i have a rather simple Question concerning the update of the navdata in PFPX (v2). I am using P3Dv4 and in NavdataPro (updated to v1.0.6.6 i think it was) i only find PFPX under P3Dv2/3 is this correct? Thanks in Advance 🙂
  8. Hi Otto, thank you for your quick Response :-). Now I have winter textures -even on the present day!. However, this seems to be Independent from what i selected in the config tool (e.g. winter textures selected --> White in winter and green in summer). Is this an expected behaviour? Anyway thanks for your help :-).
  9. Hi Jo, sorry that i answer to this Topic after bit more than a year, but i faced this Problem on my first flight to Bergen in P3Dv4.3 in the current winter Season. In my Config tool (which i run as admin) i have set Winter Season textures. And -as i do not use FTX Global and FTX Norway, i have removed the Folder named "FTX Norway" from the Folder you mentioned above. However with the present day (4.12., and also 22.12. -the first day of winter-) i still have fall textures. After playing around a litte bit, i found that my textures only Change to winter in Jan/Feb. But when i understand you correctly, in Default -which it is the case here- it should Change in dec.? I also found that the two single files in the "FTX Norway - scenery" and "Default-senery" Folders have exactly the same Name, file size and time stamp (so, are These different files at all?).
  10. Hi, add me to the list. I also found it during a flight today in the A320CFM. During climb, it happens to me always when i change from climb or open climb to v/s mode but not the other way around and also not during decent and mode changes there.
  11. Hi good morning, a few days back i found out that i can update my LEMD Scenery via the Updater which i did. Today in the morning i wanted to make a flight to EDDF. However, when i was Ready for Departure i could not use GSX because of a missing file in the corresponding LEMD Folder. The message came in red letters in the green info band on top after Pressing STRG+F12 and was shown only a second. I can just remember some ...AFX..bgl file. I mentioned the update because, before i did that, it worked. Sorry for this poor info, but could one help me out here? Thanks 🙂 EDIT: For some reason it works now again! What did i do --> In the config tool i selected All runways open under AFCAD Settings and now i seem to be able to use GSX. It seems that there is a Problem when i select one of the other two "realistic" Options. strange ...
  12. Hi good morning, i am having a similar issue (i think) with Version I just have set my loadsheet with the Fuel Planer for a flight from LEMD to EDDF with an A320 which gave me a ZFW of 57.0MT, a Fuel of 8.6MT and an UP Trim of 0.3. However, when i loaded the load sheet via the 3rd MCDU, it loaded the ZFW and the Trim correctly, but only when i pressed the corresponding LSK on the Init page to automatically fill the Block Fuel it entered 2.4. I manually changed to the number given above, but i think it should enter the correct number automatically? Cheers,
  13. Hi, thanks a lot for your support. And sorry for the delayed answer here! Have a nice Weekend!
  14. Hi, genau so ist es bei mir. Aber andere Liveries (zumindestens A320er Pro) laufen ohne Probleme. Ich hatte auch schon erfolgreich die A319 OE-LDG von Austrian manuell eingefügt und sie läuft. Es scheint also an der A319 Iberia EC-KKS zu liegen.
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