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  1. Hi Otto, thank you for your answer :-). I will do that! Very happy to see the A330 in the sim now. Cheers
  2. Edit: I found, that the numbers are sometimes there but barely visible, like they are under a semi-transparent layer,... and sometimes they are not visible.
  3. Hi, i did not find any Topic on this, so i just created a new one. Yesterday i got a new subscription for the Charts and i noted that the MSA values that i found earlier on the Maps within the 25NM around the Airports is missing in my case. Anyone else with this Problem?
  4. Hi guys, since i have not used my P3D (in v.4.3, which runs smoothly on my System with various Add-ons) for almost 6 to 9 months and the A330 got released, i just plan to update via the client-Update from P3D v4.3 to P3D v4.5HF2. Is it necessary to update my planes (e.g. Aerosofts A319/320-Series, PMDGs 737NGX and 777), Airports (e.g. FlyTampa, Aerosofts, FSDGs, MKStudios, ..) or Tools (GSX, Sode 1.6.3, AS for P3Dv4. ASCA, PFPX)? Do you have any additional suggestions? Thank you in Advance and have a good Weekend :-), Cheers,
  5. I am also looking for repaints of Austrian airbusses. Can anybody help out, would especially appreciate the following: A319 OE-LDB "Bucharest", A320 OE-LXC and A321 OE-LBC. :-).
  6. Hi both, sorry for the delayed answer, but i have decided to add this plane to my fleet. It is a great work and just sitting in the Cockpit and Looking around is a thing one can do! . I like it. Although i have not yet installed the update for ASP4 for P3Dv4.3 (as the current Version is just an Open Beta), i get between 30 and 40 FPS in standard weather. Maybe one Question here - i have installed the update yesterday and tried to add an Austrian Livery for the A319 from this Website. It Shows in the selection screen in the sim but as soon as i click it,
  7. Hi, hope that it is ok to step in into this topic here but i have a hardware-specific question before i can consider to add the airbus to my fleet. Although I am aware of LMs (for P3Dv4) and Aerosofts (for the Airbus Pro) software requirements, i would like to know, if somebody can tell me, wether my System and my P3Dv4 with the following specs will be able to run the new Airbus (A318-330). I do neither use any tweaks to my sim, nor any ORBX products and with my intermed settings, P3Dv4 (with ASP4 and ASCA, PMDGs 737 and 777, addon sceneries for mayor airports, Austria HD Pro) works so fa
  8. Probably a rather stupid/simple question, but a few weeks back i installed GSX (i think in its Version This came with an Installation of SODE in v1.3.4. As, I am highly interested in flying to Genoa which obviously requires SODE in v1.4 or later, I would like to know how exactly can i upgrade from v1.3.4 to v.1.4 or newer? Can i just install the newer Version over the old one (if this is the case, do i have to unregister the old Version for my platform which is P3Dv3.35 first?). Additionally please allow me to give another question: Can anyone tell me, if the Airports Tromsö and
  9. Von Zeit zu Zeit habe ich 2 wesentliche "Probleme" mit meinen Wilco Airbusen (1 und 2): Zunächst habe ich das fundamentale Problem, dass die Klappen des öfteren mal ohne ersehbaren Grund nicht funktionieren, oder nach stundenlangem Flug nicht für die Landung ausgefahren werden können, was recht ärgerlich ist. Das passiert aber wirklich nur bei jedem 5ten bis 6ten Flug mal,... . Dann habe ich Probleme mit der Route im FMC. Manchmal, wenn ich Wegpunkte einfüge, legt mir der Computer die Route mit einem oder mehreren Wegpunkten mehrere 100 Meilen abseits der normalen Route. Ausserdem fügt mir
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