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  1. yes, FSX. Ok it wasa littlebit confusing
  2. Hello, AES does not detect KSFO HD made by FlightBeam: Both versions of the airport are shown red in AES Help. with best regards
  3. Hello, is it possible to turn off the terminal interior to reduce the VAS load. It's very close to an OOM when I am flying to/from LEMD with FSX. with best regards PilotEDDF
  4. ok thank you. I think it was the problem that APC was running as admin.
  5. It works now, thank you. Two more things: How to control ground service (pushback, Catering...) and a jetway is missing at this gate (3rd jetway for A380 ops): 2017-7-12_14-51-17-428.BMP
  6. I did all steps, bur still doesn't work for me. Still looking like in my first picture. What can I do? apc.cfg
  7. Still got problems with LKPR after several times reinstalling the scenery. FSX SP2 ACC WIN 10 64-Bit ORBX GLOBAL scenery.cfg fsx.CFG dll.xml apc.cfg 2017-7-12_12-12-35-474.BMP
  8. ICAO: GOOY NAME: Dakar TYPE: Freeware FS: FSX, P3D DESIGNER: "snowrider" LINK: Link remove No AES, this scenery is based on tones of illiegal used copyright protected material (Textures)
  9. Possible to do also a China Eastern A319 paint, please?
  10. ICAO: YBHMNAME: Ants Hamilton IslandTYPE: FreewareFS: FSX/P3DDESIGNER: Anthony Lynch LINK: AES 2.42
  11. ICAO: RPLPNAME: Legazpi Airport (Philippines)TYPE: FreewareFS: FSXDESIGNER: Oliver R. Imperial LINK: Search for filename: holybear_rplp_legazpi_airport_scenery_fsx* AES 2.42
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