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  1. Sorry Ron, I didn't see you post; it must have come in while I was typing, and then I had to run out to do shopping. I did try your download link, it worked fine, and I got the complete up-date with no problems.. And in case anyone was wondering, I did put the download and the complete machine thorugh all of Norton's scans, and everything came up clean (nothing personal, but on the internet, always, always safety first). Thank you very much Ron. Now I'm off to try the beta, especially to see if it fixes the instruments in Simple Mode. Thanks again and have a good evening! - Rob
  2. And also not succeeding. Oh well, the new Aerosoft servers will hopefully be up and running next week, and the full worked up patch will be on the Aerosoft servers proper, or maybe the Katana download itself, wherever offered, will be up-dated, and can just be re-download. . But just fyi: I'm in Vancouver, Canada and I've now tried three times: yesterday afternoon my time, yesterday evening, and early this morning, and each of these times I tried three times, first with IE9, then Free Download Manager, then Firefox, and in all cases at all times failed around the half way point. Also too, while it was running, the download speed never got much above 25 kbps (three seconds Mathius? Hokey smokes, I'm envious). One thing: per Free Download Manager which indicates such things, Resume is not supported. Which I guess means if there's any interruption for whatever reason anywhere in the chain, the link will be broken and you'll have to start all over again. As said, just fyi. Thanks - Rob
  3. Sorry for not replying sooner; I tried messing around some more, but still no luck; the flight instrumnents remain frozen in Simple mode but not in Realistic mode. In answer to your question, I usually just pick an aircraft, pick an airport, load and go there. I don't normally load one aircraft, go to an airport, and then swap to another aircraft while at the airport... I did try your suggestion of loading a running default aircraft, in this case the default Cessna C172, and then swapping in the Katana, with Simple mode previously set as default, but still same. I then took off in the Katana, instruments frozen, and then swapped out to the C172, and the C172's flight instruments now worked. I then swapped back out to the Katana in mid-flight, and flight instruments (air speed, altimeter, and velocimeter) were then frozen at where they had been in the C172. Yeah, that's just too wierd. And I tried this with three different Katana liveries. At this point, given that one mode works and the other doesn't, all I can think of is that maybe the download itself somehow had a few files corrupted or misplaced on the hard drive, and so is missing a few bits and pieces; l downloaded, from Aerosoft's site; I 'll try re-downloading again to-night and re-installing to see if that makes a difference. But in the end, don't worry too much about it; the plane is spectaculalry fine, and I'll just use the Realistic mode, although in that mode because of the additional walk arounds and check times,I don't know if I'll fly quite as much. . Thanks for your time Marcel. - Rob
  4. The flight instruments (altimeter, air speed indicator and variometer) all seem to stick at their loaded settings, typically zero, when Simple mode is chosen as the default and the plane is loaded. They do work as normal (assuming no break downs) when Realistic mode is chosen as the default. Avionics and engine gauges seem to work just fine in Simple mode.. As described in the manual, Simple mode should just load the plane as brand new with no maintenance issues and all systems.functioning. Also Simple mode always loads as cold and dark with automatic selected, and never as all systems on, ready to take off (although not a biggie since the plane is easy to start). I would sometimes just like to take off and fly without spending the time on all the pre-checks required in Realistic mode. Is there any way of fixing, or maybe am I just doing something wrong when selecting Simple mode as default? I tried Marcel's re-set app a couple of times, using deleting all, and I uninstalled and re-installed the plane once, but still always the same results. Thanks - Rob
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