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  1. Yes but, i just want to know, to should buy Sky Force or wait till tomorrow, to buy Enviroment Force?
  2. So all they pictures, the good looking p3d(Night Lighting, Water, Clouds, Colors, Enviroment Sunset), u get just with enviroment force, because if yes, then it would be much better than Sky Force, or not?
  3. Hi, i search a software, wich upgrades my sim in the Graphics, the Shaders, the enviroment, my "feeling" at the flight, the feeling at the landing or take off if you See in the night the lights and they looking real, wich upgrades the lighting, the sky, the colors at a sunset and these things, will be Enviroment Force my perfect software, wich i should buy? Or sky force 3d will be better at this points? (I've got AS16 already, so that force Enviroment don't have a weather engine doesn't matter.)
  4. Anyone wants in the future to build my homeport hanover professional? (Eddv, haj) Or the a350-1000,-900/ 787-10/a380?
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