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  1. I'm solving sode thanks and I had to buy the navigraph progam for my problem with pmdg. Thanks I dont know how to close the topic.
  2. Hello I have a problem with this. LEMD simwings and RCTP PACSIM
  3. Yes, thank you I found the folder. Thank you
  4. HELLO I have a problem with SODE I don´t have the 12bpilot in programdata only in programdata x86 and I want to install a jetways.
  5. Hola compre el aerosoft crj 700/900 y tengo problemas con el AC (power external) y el APU no prenden los botones y no se si están funcionando.
  6. Hello I want to install your pints but I can´t.

    I don´t understand is x or extended, I have airbus bundle.

    How to installs your paints ??.



    1. Liesel Downes

      Liesel Downes

      both should work

    2. mupp_2093


      the aircraft is black.

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