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  1. ALTS CAP on the AS CRJ takes waaaay too long to complete its function. It seems to start earlier than normal and take too long to complete, establishing a rate of around 200-300fpm for a long time on final stages. See the video below that I recorded today. https://youtu.be/5Eu2izFKvdM This is not a realistic behavior. When executing certain procedures such as circling approaches, we need to wait until ALTS CAP turns into ALTS to change the altitude selector. This is almost impossible with this lengthy ALTS CAP. Thanks
  2. It does not. Every single jet I’ve flown (2 with Pro Line 4) does the job precisely no matter the wind.
  3. Makes sense! That’s why cycling it on/off/on seemed to work! It was actually taking over from the last used trim setting then!
  4. The problem is that if I engage the AP close to the level off altitude (<3000ft to it), it WILL overshoot due to this ABRUPT and unrealistic nose up trim change. It’s not necessarily on SPD mode. On PITCH or VS mode it happens as well. After the aircraft goes from 1000fpm to something like 6000fpm in 2s, I disengage the AP, retrim it, manually level off and engage the AP again. Each time I re-engage the AP on the same flight the effect is less pronounced. After the 4th or so AP ON/OFF/ON cycle, it engages normally, as it should. This is not a discussion on how to fly it. I’m pretty sure I’m engaging the AP with the aircraft spot on the FD and well trimmed. I flew the CRJ for a regional in 2014...
  5. Just confirmed nothing to do with the yoke. Apparently, if I cycle the AP on and off a few times, the subsequent engagements are ok. Sounds like another bug to me!!!
  6. It’s been happening to me on both xplane and the crj. On xplane, I found out it was because my ch yoke doesn’t go fully back to its neutral position when released. Let’s say that the hands off position is between 0% forward and 5% back pressure. I was trimming it to 5% back pressure. Once the ap was engaged, it was being overriden by this 5% and pitching up. Therefore, try to make sure that you are trimming the aircraft and engaging the autopilot when your yoke is dead on centered.
  7. It looks like the trim suddenly and abruptly increases 1 unit up upon AP engagement in SPD/VS modes. This does not happen when ALTS is on. I don't have an axis assigned to elevator trim, only buttons.
  8. I took this picture a few years ago. You can see the cue really attached to the aircraft symbol.
  9. The Single cue FD seems to be mispositioned. While the dual cue is aligned, the single cue looks higher than what it should be.
  10. Could it be a slow AP trim response for wx fluctuations?
  11. I tried flying yesterday and for sobe reason the snaky lnav thing didn’t happen. I’m not sure if it has do to with winds or what. Regarding alts cap and alt, it MIGHT be because of abrupt pressure fluctuations in the sim, which is wrong but is not aerosoft’s fault.
  12. Same here. Either alts cap overshoot or a huge undershoot, leveling off hundreds of feet short of ASEL. LNAV is totally snaky, especially when select direct to. I hope the AP gets fixed in the next version. My CRJ is grounded until then.
  13. Same here. I think the whole AP in general is simply terrible. Poor LNAV performance, terrible altitude capture...Can’t fly it while it’s not fixed.
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