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  1. After struggling to install older liveries into Airbus Professional in P3D v4.5, I wrote a summary of what has finally worked for me. It is attached to this post as a PDF document. Hopefully someone else my find it useful as well. I used many of the ideas and suggestions from this thread, including the checklist that Holgi gave us in the first post back in 2014. However, since many of the files, folder, and locations have changed, the checklist no longer works as written. And the Livery Manager doesn't work either (it just locks up after pressing the Install Livery button), so I went with the manual method. I hope nobody is offended. Installing Old Airbus Liveries.pdf
  2. Every scenery slider was set to its maximum. The degredation came in the conversion to jpg and reduction in file size since the original file is ~4.8 MB. Here is the original. blimp.BMP
  3. Nothing says "May" in Indianapolis quite like this scene (if only there were 300,000+ people in the stands and cars on the track)...
  4. I love the detail of the downtown Indianapolis area -- I can even see the church on Monument Circle where I was married. BUT...having the old RCA Dome and the new Lucas Oil Stadium together is a distraction. Regarding the commonality of this package with the others, I can attest to the fact that the Aerosoft scenery "plays well" with the Blueprint software for the Indianapolis airport, which is nice because they provided an update that includes the new Weir Cook Terminal. (I haven't attempted to activate my DreamScenery IndianapolisX software since there is too much overlap. Although they were the first in the Indianapolis scenery market, they haven't been able to keep up.)
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