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  1. Update: Seems to be working fine after the experimental update. Maybe something didn't go right with the last update.
  2. I’ll first try the latest experimental update and then a reinstall if it persists. Are there any files left behind after an uninstall that should be deleted? Also I don’t use the checklist.
  3. It happened with the default 319 delta livery, so I believe that is cfm. It was last experimental version, not the just released. I followed all rebooting instructions.
  4. Pretty much exactly what’s described in this thread. I get an ecam warning about a cabin pressure differential over 10 psi. The landing altitude is correct but the cabin altitude remains the same altitude of departure during the entire flight.
  5. Every single flight my cabin pressurization is not working appropriately. Any idea what could be the cause of this?
  6. Yes. It seems to possibly happen if you set the plane to Cold & Dark and then move its location to a different gate or airport.
  7. I completely uninstalled and reinstalled the plane and the problem seems to have gone away. I still however have issues with the overhead buttons periodically not lighting up (AC avail light for example when the GPU is in).
  8. There's definitely a problem with pressurization. When I descend cabin altitude continues to increase instead of decrease.
  9. Started over again and it seemed to work this time. Hit a glitch somewhere, very odd. Also this was from a Cold and Dark start via the C&D menu option.
  10. I'm having problems with the hydraulics system not working. The aux pump works to some extent but once I turn that off the normal hydraulic systems will not work even with bypass turned off. Result is I can't retract flaps or gear and can't control the trim.
  11. Yes is there any good workaround for this? It's pretty much another reason to put this plane in the hangar. You can put the lat and lon in but this is only a rough approximation of the waypoint.
  12. No release note of any fixes for this in v1.2.4.0?
  13. INS update will only work when you are in range of a VOR, have entered its info correctly in the C-IVA INS, and have tuned into the VOR. You must enter LAT/LON, frequency, and elevation of the VOR.
  14. Would love to see the -60 variant with slightly more modern equipment.
  15. I updated to the latest patch and I'm still getting this problem.
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