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  1. INS update will only work when you are in range of a VOR, have entered its info correctly in the C-IVA INS, and have tuned into the VOR. You must enter LAT/LON, frequency, and elevation of the VOR.
  2. Would love to see the -60 variant with slightly more modern equipment.
  3. I updated to the latest patch and I'm still getting this problem.
  4. I'm having problems with this since the new patch in Prepar3d.
  5. Mine should work for the MCP panel. It's posted as Aerosoft CRJ7 by JasonPC. The only problem I have is weird knob acceleration issues with the altitude (makes it very difficult to select the correct altitude). Also IAS is displayed in MACH when the variable switches over to MACH (unavoidable due to programming of the variable).
  6. Weird now they are showing up. I guess it could have been weather conditions. But I was at FL 350 and the OAT was around -48C earlier and there were no contrails earlier. Edit: I think I know what it was... I have Old Prop PrecipitFX installed. I re-ran it and it replaced the default effects entry in the aircraft.cfg for the DC-8. Apparently the old default effect wouldn't show up with PrecipitFX installed.
  7. I'm using P3d and I have both sliders on High. I reinstalled and I do see the smoke now, but still no contrails.
  8. I'm having trouble getting the smoke effects to work and I also noticed that there are no contrails at cruise. I guess I might try a reinstall but I believe XMLTools is installed correctly. Everything else seems to function as normal. I know there are specific conditions necessary for smoke but I am not seeing it at all at take off via an extra window.
  9. jpcambre

    LVAR list

    Think I have it. It's a pretty complex system of workarounds. Basically I have the knob set up to do this: (M:Event) 'LeftSingle' scmp 0 == (M:Event) 'WheelDown' scmp 0 == or if{ (L:DC8_VS_wheel, number) 100 + (>L:DC8_VS_wheel) 1 (>L:DC8_set_vs, bool) } (M:Event) 'RightSingle' scmp 0 == (M:Event) 'WheelUp' scmp 0 == or if{ (L:DC8_VS_wheel, number) 100 - (>L:DC8_VS_wheel) 1 (>L:DC8_set_vs, bool) } And I am letting logic.xml do its thing. Seems to work though it seems like sometimes it gets off sync by +/- 100 fpm possibly from turning the knob too fast. But I think I can live with that.
  10. jpcambre

    LVAR list

    I just wanted to change the altitude alerter with a knob. Which I did figure that out in post 2. I know that doesn't actually control the altitude capture, it's just an alerter. Right now I'm just trying to figure out the vertical speed. It looks like the actual wheel in the plane is controlled using the LVAR DC8_VS_WHEEL, but this does not control the actual vertical speed function as it is using the default autopilot function. But the wheel still needs to move because as you said when the wheel is set to zero it sets the plane in altitude hold. So if you change the default vertical speed variable, nothing happens because it's still locked on altitude hold.
  11. jpcambre

    LVAR list

    Got some LVAR values from my own research. Display Altitude Value = DC8_ALERT_KNOB You can change the value of the LVAR (increase/decrease by 100) and it will change the Altitude flawlessly. Display Autopilot V/S Value = DC8_VS_WHEEL Changing this value seems to be more problematic. Some combination of changing the LVAR and the default Autopilot V/S value. I am using FSUIPC AP V/S Value (FSUIPC:0000:07F2) but it is not without problems. If there is a better way to change this I would like to know. Display Heading Value = AUTOPILOT HEADING LOCK DIR You can change the value of the LVAR (increase/decrease by 1) and it will change the heading flawlessly. NAV1 Course only seems to be changed via the default value. I am using FSUIPC NAV1 OBS (CRS) (FSUIPC:0000:0C4E) to change the Course flawlessly.
  12. jpcambre

    LVAR list

    Is there a list for LVARS and what they control for this plane? I would like to control the AP altitude with a knob.
  13. There are some LVARs for changing fcp knob settings. But altitude I find extremely hard to control. The LVAR is ASCRJ_FCP_ALT_CHANGE
  14. DIR-TO is completely broken for me. Results in endless left turns. I never used to have this bad of navigation problems until the update was released that was supposed to fix the problems... Really beginning to lose patience with this aircraft. I am very frustrated.
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