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  1. Can someone advise me of a route back and forth between the two city? That the CFMU will validate for Q400. Those ones no good EKCH-ELLX 240 NEXEN L990 MARIP N850 LBV M170 HMM Z727 IRBUP Z717 ABAMI T884 AGENI T855 LNO ELLX-EKCH 250 DIK N853 ARCKY T853 NVO T857 ELDAR HMM M170 LBV P615 EKERN M852 ALS T153 TUDLO thank's
  2. Good to know, even if I would prefer in the build section!
  3. This is a flight from EHAM to HECA I need to stay until NERRA at FL320 then climb to final cruise due to restriction. REND1N EDUPO UZ738 MISGO UZ741 GMH UL603 DINKU UM867 VAROB DCT ROKSA UY450 NERRA UL607 KEA UN132 KUMBI UL612 BLT A16 CVO It only validates if you set: (FPL-PHCKB-IN -B744/H-SDE1E3FGHIJ3J5J6M1M2RWXYZ/LB1D1 -EHAM1600 -N0498F390 EDUPO UZ738 MISGO UZ741 GMH UL603 DINKU UM867 VAROB DCT ROKSA/N0450F320 UY450 NERRA/N0450F320 UL607 KEA UN132 KUMBI UL612 BLT A16 CVO -HECA0338 -PBN/A1B1D1O1S2 NAV/RNVD1E2A1 DOF/170910 REG/) Another example is Italy with Frai route where you need to stay below FL335 on ATS network until you reach an Intermediate waypoint and then you can climb higher. When you build a flight plan on route planner in PFPX it doesn't keep your input like NERRA/N0450F320 as on the first example, so when you try to validate all is lost.
  4. Hi, Is it possible in the near future that Pfpx will use speed and altitude restriction /N0450F340 inside of the flightplan. If you set in the editor it will always delete. Thank you Fabrizio
  5. simbio

    MegaAirport Brussels g3d.dll Error

    There is a topic on avsim about airports that miss library guid object, that cause CTD just add MissingLibraryAlert=1 in FSX.CFG (under scenery). I have check with EBBR EDDF and ENGM and they have missing library's that trigger the CTD. I have a list if you install object library from this site you shuold be fine. But to avoid this the develioper should mention or zip in the project . Please check in avsim
  6. simbio

    Florencex Is Compatible Fsx-sp2 ?

    Thank you Fabrizio
  7. Hi Does FlorenceX_V104.exe compatible with FSX SP2, unfortunately they are updating the aerosoft server and i can't check on the website for update. Thank you Fabrizio