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  1. Can someone advise me of a route back and forth between the two city? That the CFMU will validate for Q400. Those ones no good EKCH-ELLX 240 NEXEN L990 MARIP N850 LBV M170 HMM Z727 IRBUP Z717 ABAMI T884 AGENI T855 LNO ELLX-EKCH 250 DIK N853 ARCKY T853 NVO T857 ELDAR HMM M170 LBV P615 EKERN M852 ALS T153 TUDLO thank's
  2. There is a topic on avsim about airports that miss library guid object, that cause CTD just add MissingLibraryAlert=1 in FSX.CFG (under scenery). I have check with EBBR EDDF and ENGM and they have missing library's that trigger the CTD. I have a list if you install object library from this site you shuold be fine. But to avoid this the develioper should mention or zip in the project . Please check in avsim
  3. Hi Does FlorenceX_V104.exe compatible with FSX SP2, unfortunately they are updating the aerosoft server and i can't check on the website for update. Thank you Fabrizio
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