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  1. I just experienced a pretty annoying bug. I had the aircraft setup, APU running, FMC programmed and GSX ready for pushback, I turned to dave to remove ground power and chocks. I first tried to remove the chocks without thinking about removing groundpower first, what this resulted to was that now suddently nothing worked of the groundservices. I could no longer remove the groundpower, neither the chocks. I tried diffrent ways to get away from this: 1. Disable GSX - No effect 2. Use panel states - No effect 3. Use the other dave - No effect Is there any solution to next time this may accure, never happend to before. Version:
  2. It is not a aircraft template it is a aircraft type, instead use "New Aircraft" then select either of these under "Type"
  3. I am not able to install the eurowings livery. It is in .7z format so I unpacked it and zipped it as a .zip but it only says "Sorry, this file cannot be installed" in the livery manager.. Edit: I see theres a eurowings livery in it already, but it is not displaying as a eurowings in P3D?
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