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  1. Oliver, Did you changed your mind about making a AES "Lite" version so we could have pushback and service vehicles at Swedflight and UK2000 airports? I know the official statement of these airports but me and many others are ready with our creditcards to buy more credits .. so maybe you could reconsider Best regards Niclas
  2. And AES pushback at Swedflights airports..please please. The pushback feature of AES is just fantastic! to fantastic and realistic to live without.. /Niclas
  3. Plus these Swedflight airports without jetways: ESMK, ESGJ, ESGP, ESMX, ESKN. I´m now ready to buy some more credits :wink:
  4. Hello I love AES, its a really great product. It´s just one small thing that disappoints me: Swedflight can´t be used with AES becauese of there old design technilogie . But...my question is: Is it possible to make AES compatible with Swedflight without the moving jetways? I mean there are many other nice features in AES: Pushback, 3d marshaller, followme car, service vehicles and so on. That should be more than enough for me and many other nordic "pilots" that most of the time fly in the Scandinavia. Best regards Niclas
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