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  1. Hi guys, how to disable, that the table from the a320 is moving automatically and sometimes there is something layed on it like a mobile phone or a journal? And another question: i disabled Captain and FO voices in the A3xx, but when i request Pushback via AS Pushback, the Captain is speaking and the Ramp Agent is speaking as well ( i want it to be quiet and maybe a text message) Also when pushing back, the FO is saying "starting engine1" and the Captain is saying "engine 1 stabilized". i dont want to hear this sounds, so please, how to disable this? Si
  2. Hey, When im Flying with the A320 Professional on p3dv4, many times, when i Enter holdings at Stars, where the FMC does not set a holding, only for go around, it usually not work, or some other circles appear on the FMC and the Autopilot is not following the holding. Sometimes even the Holding is not correctly displayed in the FMC with a yellow "exit" holding. Dunno if someone else have this problem, i couldnt find anything in this forum. Sincerely and not only with holdings. this is a picture of a normal approach and some weird drawings on the ARC
  3. you can calibrate axis but not buttons. when you set brake to a button, braking should be released at any point if you release this button. i had this issue when i switched from t/o state (connection to p3d) to cold and dark cockpit with parking brake on. then suddenly the differential brakes indicator appears and are on. maybe there is a connection between parking brake and suddenly moving rudder because of no hydraulics (simulated). and just now i got the issue with only "brake" while having braking only on a button.
  4. yeah and it is only a coincidence that this only happens to the A3xx Professional and it has nothing to do with this aircraft.
  5. i installed it exactly like i should. the cockpit is now black. including the windows. everything is black and has no life. like all the other textures. how to fix that?
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