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  1. It also depends if they have wicked-lets or not. E.g. the wicked witches of Eastern and America West have a range of around 666 nm, while MALEVicent can fly non-stop for around 550 nm.
  2. And I'm the one saying, December was six months ago, where is it? ;-)
  3. Are you sure about that?? A lot of major airlines operate the 333 rather than the 332. DLH*, SWR*, SIA*, SAS*, ACA*, FIN, MAS are some that operate ONLY the 333. Then you have e.g. AAL, DAL, KLM, THY*, QFA, BEL, CES*, CCA*, AFL* that operate the 333 and the 332. And here are a few that operate only the 332; AFR, TAP, BER * = 333 with RR Given that I'd say it does make more sense to start off with the 333
  4. Well you still have some of the big ones including Lufthansa, SAS, Swiss, THY, Aeroflot. And if it's only the A333 RR at start, it's finally a good A330 coming into the FSX/P3D world. Can't wait for that moment spooling up those Trent 700 hrhr
  5. Is it even legal showing us these screenshots and getting away without the "Buy Now" link?
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