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  1. Hello I just want to know if MAdeira X is running in DX10.If it doens´t run the are any update or any Service Pack that allows it to run? I am asking this because I heard on google foruns that MAdeira X does not support DX10, more, the runway appeares just White with no textures. Many thnx
  2. Hello Everyone. I have troubles with aerosft Lisbon X scenary. I am using FSX and Vista 32 bits. The AI aircraft is invisible I cant see any AI aircrsft. I fly online and its very important to me to see the trafic. Please help. PS:The only way to see AI Aircraft is to set the time to night, during day its completely invisible
  3. Hi guys I have here a litle doubt. I have wilco Airbus Series. I have read the whole manual but I dont find how to alternate the altimeter in mm Hg to hPa units. Please answer because I fly online and is used hPa only. Thank you
  4. hii folks I've bought from aerosoft this add-on but i cant run it in my PC I load the FSX and when I chose one plane from Wilco the simulator closes itself. I am trully disapointment with aerosoft....
  5. oi amigo explica-me se consieges ou no instalarlo Y o penso que no ha manual in espanhol mas lo programa es mui intuitivo Tu tiens de connectar lo FDC aquando in cockpit so lo asi es que el FDC funciona Me desculpa a lingua pois Y ó so Português
  6. Hi people I want to know if you have knowledge of frames breaks during FDC connection. For exemple. You know if with FDC ON the Frames go down or keep on the sames? Thanks
  7. Hi folks... I´ve bought my FDC and I have a small question: When I connect FDC and I press the spacebar to move my mouse as I usually do. I can´t rotate my camera as I do before. I work in Vista FSX SP2 Please help.. because I really love active camera in cockpit. Bye and good flights
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