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  1. Congratulations Helifan123 on winning November's Screenshot contest - Epic! Nothing like a Twotter floating at full flaps and nose hanging down into SXM
  2. Congratulations to IvanRS on winning the December screenshot contest - Epic!! I will say although there were not many entries for Christmas they were some interesting entries. This one however had a certain story behind it. Seems like one of two things have happened: 1.. Santa, or helper has just finished a long night of deliveries and is now iced over and is enjoying some beer and cheese OR 2. Santa, or helper never had a chance to leave due to not having proper deicing equipment to get going (we'll assume that he had the naughty list) Email to follow shortly
  3. Happy New Year to ALL!! 2020 is somewhat behind us, and what a year it was. 2021 we hope will be a better year at least for us in the "simming" world. I usually have the first contest of the year to show shiny new toys acquired over the Christmas break, but this year I think I will use 2021 to have us show what we were able to put in our hangars during 2020, as many of us had a chance to spend more time in our simulators. There were many awesome releases, even if it was not a new release for 2020, but was a new acquisition - be it scenery, aircraft or even a new sim
  4. Thanks, TBH, I am not sure. Did not do much research on actual liveries, just did a search for some Christmas liveries (something different)
  5. Actually they are not, I did not have time last night when creating the post, but will certainly update
  6. Tis the season to be jolly/merry, and while this is NOT an "Anything Goes" contest you are allowed to show Santa's helpers (Aircraft or any vessel) showing the Christmas spirit. SAS: Delivering families and gifts for the holiday season SOLARIS: TUI_FLY: Operation :- Caribbean Christmas RYANAIR: Rudolph Special As Always - All participants are ONLY allowed 1 image if you post more than one - ONLY the
  7. @TorstenFS Islands: would apply to any island, if I was specific and said Caribbean Island then your 1st image would not qualify (2nd image deleted). No worries on not many participants. some themes do not appeal to every one and I'm ok with that. Cheers
  8. Holding Short at KCGE (Cambridge) Quick scan of the flight deck Over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Enjoy!!
  9. Thanks, Yes I was Born in Antigua of Anguillan parents, spent the first 6 years in Montserrat then moved back to Antigua, as my dad was an Episcopalian priest . So I am heavily rooted in both islands (ANU and AXA) Thanks Mathijs, FS 2020 certainly has some potential under the hood, just takes some getting used to. Thanks Capt. Ed
  10. National Flag assigned to tail - BoooYah Departing RW07 Heading to the southern part of the island - with Montserrat - TRPG in the distance Close Ups of this magnificent livery Admiring the ocean blue as we pass Jolly Habour (another popular tourist resort) Approaching one of the famous beaches on the island - Darkwood beach Further into the southern side bypassing another exclusive tourist resort - Curtain Bluff in the rear distance. Also with visibility being in our favor the islan
  11. Thanks Dave, trying to keep my fingers wet We'll have to see what Aerosoft has in store for us
  12. I've done many a manual weight and balance computations for this airline back in the day along with the L-1011s. Nice shot
  13. Hmmm, that NOSE Getting a feel for the controls. Drone inspection It's all about the lighting A work of art - I think this baby is coming back to the Caribbean
  14. Thanks Darryl. I try to get my hands wet here and there to see what the various platforms have to offer. btw: Thanks for the tip, and it has been addressed .
  15. The Screen Shot Contest is back, and we are looking forward to the immaculate shots that once flooded the forums. The contest will be a monthly "themed" event which will consist of the following rules: 1. Images can be posted from "ANY" of the flight simulation platforms: FS2004, FSX, FSX-SE, P3D v1 -5.x, X-Plane, DCS, Infinite Flight, AeroFly & MSFS 2020 2. Images can be edited or un-edited, unless specifically mentioned in the terms of the Theme whether they can be edited. 3. Maximum image size allowed is 1920 x 1080 if attaching it via the Aerosoft upl
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