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  1. hi is here somone who can make a320 or 321 doesn't matter which one LOT airlines? Like the one on the picture. I couldn't find re-paint for a320 pro. COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MATERIAL REMOVED! Please read the first post in this topic!
  2. mopperle thank you so much for help I didn't see that one.
  3. In the previous versions of A320 Pro I have had a problem to close the windows on ground. In the new ver. the problem still exists do you have any solution?
  4. check if you have P3D 4,5 version otherwise it won't work
  5. Hi I would like to ask about CPDLC I can see some option but they are not working. Question is do I need to login somehow or they are just not available for now? new release 13.03. Thank you
  6. Hello to everyone, I have a similar problem with speed. It happened to me a few times on the final app at 2000ft that autothrottle was on, but speed started to go down to the minimum so I had to disengage the autopilot. I also have 3 more issues that I am looking for the answer on the forum. 1. When I start to descend on managed mode suddenly plane goes down to VS 10000 ft/min same with the climb sometimes reaching 8000ft/min. 2. DEF mode like cold and dark doesn't save so I start the sim always with engines on. 3. During night flight MCDU, when I pressed shift+2, isn't illuminated is just normal colors like during the day. Thank you, guys.
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