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  1. Thank you for proving my point who ever you are
  2. Hello aerosoft Iv been flying your A330 for a week now it's ok and not bad but unfortunately it's not better then FSLABS or PMDG or TFDI or qualitywings or Leonardo fly the maddog X they have plenty of buttons to be pushed even emergency buttons including real callouts and signs chimes and switches and button sounds as for your product it's only 50% enjoyable , some buttons are not pushable like calls or emergency buttons including engin and apu fire push button ( the only pushable button for fire push button are the fire tests ) and the signs chime is high then I had to twick it by replacing the high chime with the original low chime from TFDI , I couldn't twick the minimum callout nor the v1 callout , I could have twick the minimum callout but I couldn't find the sound file for that. i can't say that I'm satisfied nor not disappointed in how it's made , I'm always looking for more reality in simulator and so far the projects that I mentiond befor ( pmdg ,FSLABS ,TFDI , qualitywings , leanardo fly the maddog X ) have successfully made there project as real as it gets only qualitywings haven't done there emergency because they haven't thought about it. note : when I compared the aerosoft a320 with FSLABS a320 in 2017 I had to replace aerosoft with FSLABS due to its reality and it was much more enjoyable the aerosoft so I give FSLABS and the other projects 5 stars and aerosoft I'm sorry to say 2 stars . and I'm sorry for being honest and I advice aerosoft to try harder and dig deeper to try to bring there products closer to reality like the other projects and good luck
  3. I'm honoured to finally meet you Mathijs kok I really have much to ask you on other subjects if aerosoft can do. Ok , so about the A330 you said they are optional did you mean the V1 and the altetude callouts including hundred above ? And when I heard the minimum callout in the test flight that was posted it's a high voice like the A320 /A350 /A380 , not low like the A330 or the A340, please check on the YouTube for A320 and A330 for landings you will find the minimum callouts sounds are different than then the other. Also I saw on your video post that that the engine is RR type , is there an EG type for the A330 or is it optional too or just RR type ?
  4. Are you a flightfactor guy ? PMDG made a DC-6 for X-plane
  5. Why wouldn't Flightfactor make there products for p3d and fsx ? why just X-Plane ?
  6. Hello every one its Ben a while I just saw some of the a330 on the site is the project almos reddy ? And any idea of the releas date ?
  7. Is the A330 project back online ?
  8. Can aerosoft make the ilyushine IL-96 ? it's also a passenger aircraft and a challenge in becoming a pilot and it's one of the best airplanes I prefare including the A220 I wish they make it too
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