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  1. I think the only thing ASN might do indirectly to the VAS is tell FSX to render lots of clouds if the weather calls for it. And if the said clouds are anything like REX HD stuff that could have a big impact I imagine.
  2. For testing purposes, maybe try zero autogen as ORBX FTX uses it's own correct? (I do not own it) I too can fly into FSDT KLAX in the NGX/777 with MSE Earth V1 and lots of AI (and everything else in my scenery.cfg active) with no OOM/VAS issue and. While this might be true in the case of KLAX, LGTS is a beast on it's own. So something else is eating into your VAS if you disable everything else except LGTS and ORBX FTX and you're still having issues. Others have been able to get good results using just LGTS and you guys havn't. So something is different for you two. I disabled everything and can use LGTS so I found my problem (too many active sceneries), you need to start eliminating stuff (for testing purposes) to see what the high VAS footprint is. I am starting to think like WebMaximus and suspect ORBX FTX has a large VAS footprint (keeping in mine I do not own it and have no way of testing it). It's a process of elimination.
  3. Could you elaborate more on this Kyle? For example, how a 100kb file could turn into 800MB of VAS? Is the same file duplicated many times or something like this? I am just trying to understand how the process of rendering what we see in the sim and what is loaded into the VAS and how it works. For example, Umberto saying that making many BGL's instead of combining them into one has an impact on VAS. Why is that I wonder? I would think the opposite (I'm sure caching would have much to do with it as he suggested but didn't go into detail).
  4. Keep in mind,I am not an expert as to how FSX renders scenery and/or the footprint it has on VAS. The install size rule of thumb I have is only used as a rough guideline. But you put a small scenery area (that LGTS is) and consider it's install size, then you factor in that it uses only one set of seasonal textures (as well as night like any other scenery), you know that most of that size will be used to render it in the sim, unlike LEPA that is a very large scenery area in comparison, or PANC as it has seasonal textures as well as seasonal photo real that won't be loading all at once. I am sure each developer has their own set of techniques as to how they build and optimize a scenery. Not sure if any of them would be willing to explain how it works. Maybe a good test to try is having a vanilla FSX CFG and load the default LGTS, then add the scenery to the CFG and load again, both times noting the VAS to see what impact the addon has..
  5. I think Thessaloniki X SC 2 is the city portion, just look at the largest folder and that is the city folder (I think is was 800+MB in size and pretty sure it is #2, and the airport was +445MB, APPOX). During my testing removing the 3d grass option and 3d city lights saved me 300MB of VAS (while using LITE II). I had lots of VAS headroom (over 1GB) after removing the city folder. This scenery jumps up and down between 500-700MB in usage depending what way I am looking so you will need lots of extra VAS room ( I would be aiming for having 1GB free at minimum). I couldn't achieve that until I unloaded and trimmed down my scenery.cfg (as you know already) or until I removed the city folder.
  6. Did you try LITEII as well as removing the grass (the grass has a large impact of VAS). Also, if you remove the city part and use just the airport and land class it has very little impact on VAS. I know you don't get the whole enchilada doing that but at least you can use the scenery in some capacity.
  7. Seeing as Couatl is a separate EXE is would have it's own separate 4GB block of VAS. You told me that on your sim you could fly the airbusX around and to T&G's at LGTS with little impact on the VAS and I did specifically ask you what other sceneries you had running, but you never responded. A few years back (2007) you wrote up a very informative tweak guide when FSX was first new. Suggesting settings and tweaks for a better running sim. Maybe it is time for a new and definitive guide with complete instructions on how to streamline your sim? With the above things mentioned in this thread (such as how to edit your dll.xml and how to edit your scenery.cfg or use scenery.cfg editor and the impact that having large amounts of entries in these files has on the over all VAS useage)?
  8. Agreed! A tool would be nice, but it is a pretty easy edit with notepad to be honest. Oh I don't take it the wrong way with you (or Emil as he has been very helpful). I am just proving a point here. I resent being told to "get my sim in order". Not just that statement on it's own, but to suggest that I am being sloppy and careless and that I don't know what I am doing. And that is fine to suggest this, as I am a grown man and can take being criticised, even more so when I am having an issue. But to suggest this and then not offer me any real suggestions on what might "get my sim in order" is not very productive or helpful. Thankfully the community came together in here and other users pointed me in the right direction to solve my issues. One last thing. I didn't suggest removing DLL files, I said to remove the entries in the DLL.XML. I keep several copies of the DLL.XML file depending on what and where I am flying and manually add remove them to the sim as needed, I also keep a master dll.xml file with everything on it (the one I gave Emil).
  9. But the focus seems to be only on that, and it took other users to suggest disabling sceneries to me to find a fix (and I thanked them for pointing me that way). Instead of telling users to "get their sims in order" maybe it would be more productive to have some suggestions on how to do it? Such as removing dll's entires from your dll.xml, and for those who don't know, maybe explain how to do it, or suggest disabling scenery entries if you are not using them.
  10. I know my dll.xml has lots of entries but in my case this was not the issue for having low VAS upon loading. My problem was having too many sceneries active in the Scenery.CFG. And removing unused scenery from the CFG had the largest impact (like night and day, over 1GB of extra VAS). For whatever it is worth to you, my dll.xml is still the same and my VAS issues are no more. Same goes for my FSX.cfg, it's exactly the same one I had when I was having OOM issues. I think you are chasing a red herring when blaming and looking at those things. This tip of shutting off unused sceneries should be made into a sticky as it made a world of difference for me (and has helped many other users as you can see, this tip even made it into the PMDG 777 manual).
  11. Yeah it was very informative for sure. And that is the great thing about a thread like this, users working together in a combined effort for a better sim experience.
  12. I was not aware that deactivating FSDT sceneries from the scerney.cfg library and then activating them again later would cause problems. As I said, the less stuff you have active in the scenery.cfg equals the less sceneries loading up (even if you're not flying near them) and the less impact it would have on your VAS. Mind you I had many sceneries active before I tried this technique. And I have not tested and I am not sure if leaving just the FSDT airports active along with the airports I am using (in my example flight of LGTS - LGSK) would give the same results as not having them active would does this make sense? I am not sure how much of an impact active FSDT airports have on the VAS, even when you are not flying anywhere near them. I suspect deactivating ORBX areas and photo real areas had the largest impact on my VAS footprint to be honest. I did post this over at the FSDT forums to get a definitive explanation from the source>> http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php/topic,9848.0.html EDIT: This is NOT an issue according to Umberto over at FSDT (see the link above)
  13. I did deactivate them from the scenery.CFG list (but not deactivated from the serials via the FSDT menu in FSX if that is what you mean?) but haven't had to reactivate them yet (until I plan on flying into them that is). Are you saying I will see trouble when I do?
  14. I have always been one to run my sim very lean in terms of settings. But I do have a crap load of scenery installed. I installed Scenery Config Editor and have removed everything but the default scenery entries, activating only LGTS and LGSK (flying between the two of them in the NGX). UREKA! Using only 2.3GB of VAS (and this is with the RTM version, going full tilt with eye candy). I do have many, many sceneries installed and even though nothing is within 100+ miles of LGTS it does have a major impact on VAS with them activated. Taking the advice of KyleD and acting on what Ollie said how easy it is to use SCE (and free) this will certainly change FSX simming for me. I went up to 3.1GB in usage just before take off while facing the city as I taxied toward runway 16 (using the full RTM version, the VAS did spike to 3.1 once it came into view). At gear up I was down to 2.6GB used. Landing at LGSK I was at 2.5GB used. That gives me plenty of head room. For just a few mouse clicks before you start your sim session it is well worth it. Not to mention you gain back that SCE mouse clicking time and then some (SCE takes all of 60 seconds to set up your scenery CFG for your flight), when you cut down the loading times in the sim. My sim loads in less than a minute now too. Again this SCE utility is a game changer for me.
  15. I see, there is not one files that controls trees. They are blended. Understood. I am perplexed as to why others have very little VAS footprint and others do not. So goes the PC world huh!? So many combinations of hardware and so on. It is almost impossible to track down.
  16. I don't have FTX (I do have some ORBX areas in NA). Is there one file that controls the trees or a way to remove them?
  17. V3 patch is much better! But I would still like to know how to disable the autogen trees around the scenery.
  18. The V3 patch is not on the purchase page, it is on the support downloads page (you will have to register your product there)
  19. The patch (V3) can be found in your support downloads section. Not the purchase pages.
  20. This is excellent news Ollie as 400MB is massive (seriously it's 10% of 4GB!). Going to have to try this....(except AVSIM is down here for me)
  21. Excuse me. Are you finished? I think you have a large misunderstanding as to what is going on and being said here in this discussion. Nobody is demanding anything, being unfair, rude or saying the scenery is broken. And Emil and the rest of the support team have been fantastic in response to the issue some users are having. How are we not being fair and who says we didn't try the suggestions so far? You assume this because we say we are still having issues? Is this forum not supposed to be open for collective discussion, suggestions and ideas? Furthermore is this not a support forum where users/customers come to get support for issues they are having? I have not seen one person getting out of line or being rude so I do not understand what your issue is except to complain that people are saying that they are having an issue. According to your statement we shouldn't say anything because you worked so hard? CONTRIBUTE please or move on.
  22. See the little paper clip on the upper left of the reply screen? Click it to obtain plain text and you can quote away! It is an issue with IE11 and HTML on these types of fourms (IE11 has the same issue at AVSIM). Kyle this is great advice. Thanks for sharing it. I recall years ago seeing stuff for Africa loading into the sim when I was in North America so this tweak has some merit for those with lots of stuff installed. One thing I will say here, LGTS has a truck load of autogen that doesn't seem to change much with the autogen slider. Even on sparse I still see many, many trees and buildings SOUTH and EAST of the airport, even getting closer to downtown I see hundreds of small homes and trees surrounding the airport. I am sure if Emil came up with a way to cut back these trees and generic houses it could have a large impact on the VAS footprint. They did this with Mega Airport Helsinki and it made a very big difference. Is there a way to turn off the trees and generic houses? Or at least cut them down to 25%-50%?
  23. Nobody said this product is broken. It is large and detailed, you cannot deny that. Say you show up at my 1'500 square foot house (4GB VAS FSX.EXE) with a tractor trailer load of amazingly beautiful 17th century art and furniture (Thesolinki X). Then I say "hey this won't all fit in my house", then I get told "hey if you get rid of your sink, fridge, stove and bathroom it will all fit!". Nothing is wrong with my house, nothing is wrong with the 17th century artifacts. Some folks just don't want to give up their bathrooms, fridge and stove to have all these beautiful things in their 1'500 square foot home. So, maybe you could be so kind and share or explain how you fixed your OOM errors at MMMX? That would be most helpful...
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