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  1. Hello Everyone, I know we already have an excellent JAL repaint but I have a request for a JAL Cargo repaint if any of you have the time!
  2. So a little more information, I have been wanting to use this aircraft with the application Air Hauler 2, when I had disabled the connection with AH2, the engines remained on or at least for the time I kept it running. Are there known compatibility issues between the Aircraft and AH2? The reason I ask is because initially it was working fine for the first couple of flights I did.
  3. Hi everyone, I have been having issues starting up the engines from cold and dark. I have been following the checklists and have made doubly sure that I am in the correct position to start the engines but everytime I try to fire them up, though they may ignite, after a few seconds they just shut off. I did make sure I followed the correct 3, 4, 2, 1 procedure too. I am not really sure what I could be doing wrong. Anybody have any suggestions?
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