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  1. I know this is not how the addon.xml is supposed to be work. In fact I have a number of addons outside this folder. However for the case of THIS error this is a working solution. It may not be the only solution but at least it works. Many, many times I have see this error in the forums, some people find a solution and some don’t, but at least now, as community support, you have a forum thread that has working solution to refer to should it ever creep up again
  2. Ok, so I've found a 'solution' which in turn also reveals an issue. I found that the aircraft MUST be installed in the documents/Prepar3d v4 Addons file. Once the aircraft is installed you must open the addon.xml inside the Aerosoft a330 in Notepad++ or similar and replace the dot shortening at the start of the paths (./xxxxx) with the file directory to file on your hard drive (X:\XXXXXX\Documents\Prepar3d v4 Addons\Aerosoft A330\XXXXXX) Here is an example of what my addon.xml looks like now: I feel like this would be hard for someone who doesn't have
  3. Just confirm I am supposed to have Aerosoft A318-A319\Data in my install folder. I don't own the A318-A319 so that folder does not exist for me.
  4. I don't understand. I don't have any other users on my computer and I have all administrator right, I've even tried to overwrite the individual file permissions
  5. I have installed the aircraft in multiple places on mutiple drives and as said in the post the sim is always run as administrator Prepared is located under: B:/Prepar3d v4 For troubleshooting sake the aircraft is installed in D:/Applications/Aerosoft and Documents is located on D:/Users/Documents
  6. A couple of months ago I reported this issue. It can be found here: In my original post I claimed that an update had fixed this issue but I had made a mistake. Upon further testing I found that for me this issue would always occur on the second time loading the A330 into the sim after a reinstall. This issue has existed in all versions since I installed the aircraft on a number of different drives and in different locations on those drives. I even set my antivirus to whitelist these location. After the initial install and restart, the aircraft would load in fine an
  7. I was talking about files such as Company Routes and stuff in documents which I deleted. I do have some of the Mega Airport scenery installed in the P3D root which I believe is the default for the installer. (I know its bad practice to install things into root but... I'm lazy). There is some good news though... seems to have fixed the problem for now.
  8. Unfortunately, I have tried this several times and none of them have resolved the issues. Are there any more files hidden in the P3D root files other than the ones in documents/Aerosoft?
  9. After updating to the latest update this error shows when starting the sim. Once the sim loads it drops the FPS down to <1 frame and locks you in the default Aerosoft views which I have disabled. The aircraft was working well with and I can confirm I am using the latest P3D v4 hotfix. Error message: Sim issues: Any support is kindly appreciated...
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