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  1. I am seeing significant performance improvement of 10 FPS as well with! I was previously having issues where my frames were dropping by 25-30% after turning on the displays.
  2. Mathijs, I am experiencing the same issue. What sort of configuration data or logs can I provide the team that would be beneficial to help analyze the problem? Here are my PC specs: i7 8700k 4.8GHz OC, 32GB 3200MHz RAM, RTX 3080 running at 3440x1440p with G-SYNC.
  3. The A330 does not have a VSD IRL.
  4. Well step one to be to update, not sure why you're running on an old version.
  5. I usually stay quiet on the forums...but thank you for the hard work that you and the team have put in for the CRJ Mathijs. Aerosoft's business model and products are simply the best in the business.
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