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  1. Yes, thank you. I discovered the settings after reading your post. If I may recommend that some method of keeping our "old version" settings be maintained? I spent a considerable amont of time reconstructing my Pirep, Live Acars and now, personal setup settings. You are such a good programmer I would appreciate if you would look into that for the next version. Thanks again... keep up the excellent work.
  2. Thank you sir, Here is my steps: Click on "New Flight" (FK set to connect on new flight) FK then connects to sim. Open flightplan and load Set passengers, set cargo Click on Live Acars server connect button. ACARS site responds and I am connected. Go to FS, open gauge. Gauge loads and all report OK Click enter message says waiting for connection Have I missed something? Possibly a pre-set that I had on the older version? Thank you.
  3. Upgraded to 3.0 from 2.7, I think it was, and have nearly everything back to where it was before. Except Acars info on the panel gauge. This is a connection issue. I get a "waiting for ACARS information" flashing in the gauge. Everything else seems to work OK. Moving map, check. Navaids, check, AI, check. FS is connected in the main GUI for FK. My live ACARS is sending data to my selected live ACARS server. Correct flight is loaded in GUI of FK. My approach so far has been to repeat the same type of start-up steps that i used on previous versions of FK. If there are new steps to make this
  4. This problem is still not fixed. Just now I started a flight with the same plane that worked yesterday. Same plane I always use. I got the : " You are not using the latest acars device version or flight simulator has not started a flight" "Please use correct version or re-start FS......." I received that message on a separate plane the other day and I uninstalled and re-installed the acars device on the panel. That didn't fix it. I had to re-start FS to fix it. Just now, I restart FS and the guage is working correctly. I sent a bug report along a few minutes ago. Ip address'
  5. There is not enough information in the manual for the average user. Sorry. What I did find was the concept that the ports must agree. They do. On both machines. The one I fly on and the old one not used but had my old FS install and FK. What I did find was that the IP address on both machines was I have never had to adjust this setting on either machine and FK has worked flawlessly until the problem I have posted. I changed the IP address on my flying machine to the IP that I assigned the machine. It instantly started working so I suspect that was the issue. No
  6. Yes, already did that. There is no mention of any TCP port in the panel.cfg. There is simply the info for the gauge location size, etc. I have checked several planes and all the FSFK info is the same. Location, size, etc. Nothing regarding TCP ports. Unless it was magically removed on all my planes, it was never there. It worked as soon as 4 days ago, but like I said, it has always been sporadic. The acars is logging correctly through the acars site that I use and I can save and send the pirep into my VA. It is just not interacting with the panel gauge. Here is the text: [Window06] bac
  7. Had sporadic issues with this message from the acars guage on the panel in the past. To fix it I stopped FK and restarted. Now this is permanent message. I can stop and start FS and FK with no affect on this issue., Flights load properly and file properly through my VA. But not able to use the panel gauge due to this message. How to fix this issue?
  8. I kind of thought you were going to say something like that. Well I dont know what/who to believe now. Heres is the support request from my VA. "that page didn't come from our site. It really looks like you're submitting your flights to someone else and not us." I'll send the template along. I've copied the information to the template as supplied by my VA several times on two computers. Still no change. Same error. I've been using this program and the same VA for over 2 years. Nothing has changed. I didnt change VA's, computers, Fs9 installs, nothing.
  9. I tired to send in a PIREP to my VA site just like I have done for the last 3 years. Same VA, same template. I get this screen now. Heres the screwy part. the Pilot ID that is shown in the error is not the pilot ID that I have specified in my template. This ID is from the "Pilot" screen. No matter what user ID I specify in the template, it does not change in the error screen. Only when i edit the Pilot information in FK does this error user ID change. Seems to me that FK is not using the Web.txt. Even more interesting. I have FK on the computer that i used before my current flight com
  10. I was just trying to re-load this scenery on my new computer and getting to the registration screen. I cant remember how this info was sent to me. Was the reg# sent to me by email or was it provided on a webpage for one time viewing? Is there a way i could find out when i purchased this last year? I could check my emails from around that time to see if it is contained in one of them .Any suggestions? Thanks, Gary B. :?:
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