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  1. I am having exactly the same problem trying to takeoff from ENGM 01R right now. The aircraft will not unstick after rotate. When I manually slew the aircraft into the air (after five or six takeoff attempts) up to around 6,000 ft, the aircraft cannot hold altitude at all (the closest I could get was a descent of ~1200 FT/MIN). Aircraft is now completely unflyable. I've got some screenshots below: I hope there's a fix soon.
  2. Same happened to me. Had to install it twice for the update to work. Peculiar.
  3. That looks fantastic. Congratulations on the growing family.
  4. Indeed. That is probably very frustrating for Aerosoft.
  5. But which weight/specs are standard? Airbus offers more than 10 different MTOW/MLW options for the A320. Which ones will the new A320 Professional use? It has been great to see the development progress of this aircraft as I read through this thread. Thankyou to Aerosoft and to the developers/testers for being so open about everything. I can't wait to fly it!
  6. Everything here is looking fantastic - I'm very excited for the eventual release. I've genuinely appreciated all the development insights that Mathijs has given us throughout this thread. Happy Christmas!
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