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  1. mickham

    Airport London-Heathrow XP11

    Would have been even better with automated jetways
  2. mickham

    Navigraph update

    Kindly disregard last post updated again 4th time.This time it worked Thank you for the help M.Hamilton
  3. mickham

    Navigraph update

    Thank you for the reply srcooke tried that but still the same this is the details of the navdata dat
  4. Hi I have just updated the latest navigraph cycle for Pfpx 203 1813 but it is still showing 1607 when I open PFPX.The update went into the correct folder as shown in the screen shot.Any ideas please Regards M.Hamilton
  5. mickham

    Aerosoft updater list

    Thank you Mathijs
  6. mickham

    Aerosoft updater list

    Hi Is there a list somewhere of the products that are covered by the Updater.I had a problem with the a320 and had to reinstall it and now that is the only option I have when I open the updater.I do not want to reinstall all of my airports just to find out which ones are covered. Regards M.Hamilton
  7. mickham

    Aerosoft email in German to UK customer

    I have the same situation,The last 3 purchases from the store I received my emails in German followed a couple of days later by ones in English.
  8. mickham

    Napoli 101

    Thank you again Moppeerle.I have found the culprit.I use a program called Geek to uninstall my software and forgot to uncheck the aerosoft folders when it checks for leftover files, Apologies for any hassle Thank you again M Hamilton
  9. mickham

    Napoli 101

    On further investigation I have found that I no longer have the aerosoft folder in my documents and no trace of asupdater either.They were both there before the reinstall of napoli
  10. mickham

    Napoli 101

    Thank you for the reply mopperle Yes it is missing in the start menu,where is the exe located?.I had the shortcut on my desktop but it says that the location is no longer valid and asked to delete it. Regards
  11. mickham

    Napoli 101

    Hi I have just installed the new Napoli 101 [fresh install] and it seems to have removed my aerosoft updater tool. Regards M.HAMILTON
  12. mickham

    Floating radar EDDF

    Hi I am running the latest XP11 version and when loading AS.EDDF I am seeing a floating radar structure.Any advice please.
  13. mickham

    MCDU Options Greyed Out and St. Elmos Fire

    Same here. updated client to 4.3 and everything is as should be.Will pay more attention to specs in future
  14. mickham

    MCDU Options Greyed Out and St. Elmos Fire

    Thanx Mathijs Will update to 4.3 and keep you informed
  15. mickham

    MCDU Options Greyed Out and St. Elmos Fire

    Hi I just noticed on the spec sheet that it is for 4.3.I am running 4.2 is that the problem?